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Reflection on Employability Skill Development - Essay Example

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This essay focuses and reflects on the ability to work under pressure as an employability skill that the author has managed to develop over a period of the career journey. The author mastered the art of working under pressure as a vital requirement of an individual to be successful in his career. …
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Reflection on Employability Skill Development
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Extract of sample "Reflection on Employability Skill Development"

Download file to see previous pages Many psychologists have argued that any kind of work can and is most likely to induce a significant amount of stress on an individual. Moreover, research has it that job-related stress have dire impacts on an employee’s social and psychological aspects of life (Dewe, P et al, 2010). For example, it may result in a psychological breakdown in serious cases. Individuals have also reported having broken social ties with family and friends as a result. It is therefore important to develop the ability to cope with work-related stress and sustain pressure emanating from work.
When working as an employee, I have to face several situations that are challenging and stressful. Such difficult situations are, for example, having too much work to do within a very limited timeline, bullying by mean superiors and exaggerated expectations from employers just to mention but a few.
However, I was required to stay steady and focused on work and deliver quality and reliable services despite the difficulties that I faced. This necessitated the need to be able to work under pressure. Employees experience pressure from different directions, and this certainly affects their productivity at work in a negative manner. It is therefore vital that they learn best how to articulate there work amidst the mounting pressure.
The skill is a combination of other desirable skills and attributes of an individual that builds up to an adaptive personality. Such desirable skills are, for example, patience, humility, resilience, confidence, humility et cetera. Being humble has certainly enabled me to take unpleasant comments, disapprovals, and rebuke from my colleagues and superiors at workplaces.
It also took me confidence in myself to overcome difficult and stressful situations, enabling me to deliver efficiently deliver my duties without having to succumb to the effects of pressure. Believing that things will eventually turn out positively, enabled me to withstand the adverse pressure that came with work.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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