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Awareness of business systems methodologies appropriate to the analysis of complex international logistics and supply chain systems - Essay Example

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The hard systems approach (HSA) has been noted to be one of the most effective means used in addressing both qualitative and quantitative problems by the use of step-by-step procedure. Why using HSA, Chu and Huang (2005) observed that the procedure to addressing problems may be…
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Awareness of business systems methodologies appropriate to the analysis of complex international logistics and supply chain systems
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Extract of sample "Awareness of business systems methodologies appropriate to the analysis of complex international logistics and supply chain systems"

Download file to see previous pages The first stage as given by Dong, Xu and Song (2013) in analysing a problem situation is to clearly identify the problem or opportunity. In the context of ElMesmary, Song and Dinwoodie (2014), the problem identified can be said to be issues with the strategic/tactical and operational planning problems involved in the container terminal logistics processes in Alexandria. ElMesmary, Song and Dinwoodie (2014) observed that strategic/tactical planning problems arise at the first stage of the planning process for container terminals as planners seek to tackle terminal design problems as part of the overall technical feasibility and performance. Operational planning problems have also been noted to come about when logistics processes are being taken in the container terminals (ElMesmary, Song and Dinwoodie, 2014).
The second stage of using HSA in analysing problem situation has been said to involve the description of the situation in its current state via the use of diagrams and open discussion. Based on Azevedo, Ferreira, Dias and Palma. (2009), the following diagram can be used to describe the identified problem with strategic/tactical and operational planning.
Based on the diagram given above, the main source of the problem can be said to come from the Alexandria container terminal, which is transmitted in the form of multimodal interfaces and IT systems. As the problem manifests, it becomes further amplified with bottlenecks in the container terminal logistics process which act as noise source. The diagram also shows that the problem identified is received by the strategic/tactical and operational planners and further dropped with the container terminal managers as destination (Kim, 2005).
The third stage with the use of the HSA has been said to involve the process of describing the situation as it would ideally be. In this regard, it can be said that the strategic/tactical and operational planning was expected to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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