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Motoreays of the sea improve access to markets throughout Europe - Essay Example

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The “motorways of the sea” refers to the concept that will lead to the introduction of new intermodal maritime logistics chains that would lead changes in the structure of transport organization over a few years. These chains are expected to be sustainable and commercially…
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Motoreays of the sea improve access to markets throughout Europe
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Extract of sample "Motoreays of the sea improve access to markets throughout Europe"

Download file to see previous pages The term “motorways of the sea” was first used on a new White Paper of Transport “European Transport policy 2010: Time to decide”. In its initial stages the “motorways of the sea” concept was considered to be a measure for revitalizing short sea shipping (Great Britain 2004, p. 101). This paper aims at discussing how Motorways of the sea improve access to markets throughout Europe.
There are a number of reasons that can be given for the claim that Motorways of the sea improve access to markets throughout Europe. One of the reasons is that it leads to the enlargement of the European Union through the introduction of Malta, Slovenia, and Cyprus. With these measures, it is clear that the introduction of the new countries will definitely lead to introduction of the potential market. Given the fact that there is string nodal points in the Mediterranean, the countries in the European Union will be able to access new markets in the new entrant countries (Cole 2005, p. 167). This means that the ease of transport between these countries will also make it easier for there to be trade between these countries. The new entrants can also have a market for their products in the rest of Europe.
As a result of the implementation of “motorways of the sea”, there will be a significant development in the shipping industry. With the growth in the shipping industry, business organizations will find it easier to transport their finished product from one country to another. This does not imply that this was impossible before the implementation of the “motorways of the sea”. However, it simply means that the shipping industry will become more efficient and reliable. As a result producers will be able to get products to various parts of Europe with minimal restriction (Forte &Grimaldi 2013, p. 199). The economies of some of the countries that are affected by “motorways of the sea” depend on the shipping industry. These countries include ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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