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Field Report on Hopwood Motorway Service Area . Sustainability - Coursework Example

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According to Motorway Services Online (2013: 1), the Hopwood Park motorway service area (MSA) comprises of the amenity building that is surrounded by a car and coach parking, and a dedicated HGV park. These amenities are centrally located within the fuel filling area. Whilst on…
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Download file to see previous pages I noted that the peak flow and the concentration of pollutants in both water and sediments collected from the management train at Hopwood have recorded a downward trend (Motorway Services Online, 2013: 1). The sediments were received into the watercourse (Booth, et al., 2012: 244). Booth et al. (2012: 244) say that the Hopwood motorway service contains SUDS trains that administer vehicle parking, amenity and petroleum supply areas, as well as access road network, ponds and filter strips. During the fieldwork, I noticed that the motorway service also has swales, porous paving and swamplands (Booth, et al., 2012: 244).
Conclusively, having conducted the field survey, the Service area must always be monitored to control the chemicals emitted from the pond. In an event that the wetlands are not well monitored, the wildlife may have access to contaminated water from the service ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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