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Economics and Logistics in Short and Deep Sea Market - Coursework Example

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This research begins with the statement that commercial containerization can be traced back to 1958-1970 as this was the period when this trend was introduced in the commercial arena. Over the years, the trend has been revolutionized to meet the increasing cargo demands of clients around the world…
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Economics and Logistics in Short and Deep Sea Market
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Download file to see previous pages The researcher states that containerships vary in size and capacity depending on their exact use as well as the channel in which they are operating. They are grouped into various categories depending on their capacity as follows; small feeder, feeders, Panamax, post-Panamax, Suez Max and post-Suez Max. The order arranged the container ships in order of capacity from the smaller vessels to the mega vessels. With the increase in the size of the vessels, it had necessitated the increase of the ports in which these vessels will dock as well as differentiating them to cater for certain vessels to enhance efficiency. For instance, gateway ports are smaller in size and thus are ideal destinations for feeder vessels and other small vessels. On the other hand, hub, ports are mainly for transhipment purposes and thus act as the regional and global ports for massive vessels like the Panamax and post-Panamax vessels. Moreover, the gateway ports are often located along the major maritime routes to ensure the process of transhipment is conducted efficiently as it is from these ports that the feeder vessels get cargo to be transported to gateway ports which are mostly located onshore to be further transferred to road and rail transport. On the other hand, the feeder ships will embark with cargo from gateway [orts to the hub ports for transportation to other global destinations that can only be achieved by greater vessels. The whole process of transhipment involves a chain of operations between the ships of different sizes to achieve the common goal of ensuring cargo reaches its destination as planned and the demands of consumers are satisfied accordingly. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Economics and Logistics in Short and Deep Sea Market Coursework.
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