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Comprehensive Analysis Outline and Presentation - Essay Example

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This is a location that is congruent with the goals and ambitions of the business in an environment where free trade and minimal governmental restrictions exist.
Valle d’Aosta…
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Comprehensive Analysis Outline and Presentation
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Extract of sample "Comprehensive Analysis Outline and Presentation"

Download file to see previous pages It is much to the favor of Wine Selling Place to choose this particular region of the country due to the limited business restrictions here and to ensure that the organization can expand or improve distribution with limited governmental regulation and influence.
There are over 60 million potential customers in Italy, a nation that is well-known for its diverse tastes and preference for wine as a household beverage. The country is currently experiencing a 1.3 percent growth rate in GDP, suggesting that this particular nation in Europe has overcome some of the economic troubles currently plaguing many European nations. Inflation is a moderate 1.6 percent, much lower than many other industrialized nations. This provides opportunities to cater the business’ wine products to those with moderate household incomes that can afford high quality or even lower cost wine without concern over lack of disposable income due to increasing economic restraints related to inflationary environments.
As with most companies, the first method of procuring finance is to assess the viability of banking loans. Italy maintains many different banks that are regulated by EU finance ministers and those that have well-respected international reputations (i.e. Barclay’s, etc). Financing can be achieved through the production of a detailed, well-researched business plan and then presented to banking representatives for approval based on credit worthiness and future strategic business planning.
Additional funding sources include the local Chamber of Commerce, financial institutions associated with the European Union, reimbursable grants from various agencies designed to foster growth in small businesses, and even subsidies. Seeing that Italy is highly involved with the World Trade Organization and also promotes small business growth through ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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