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Self-Efficacy Personal Development Plan - Coursework Example

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From the paper "Self-Efficacy Personal Development Plan" it is clear that in general, recent research has emphasized on the construct of self-efficacy which is defined as beliefs of an individual in their abilities to perform a certain task or behavior…
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Self-Efficacy Personal Development Plan
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Extract of sample "Self-Efficacy Personal Development Plan"

Download file to see previous pages . Self-efficacy refers to an individual’s beliefs concerning his ability to successfully conduct a given task or behavior. There are numerous causes behind the cognitive development that ultimately affects self-efficacy. A growing body of research has shown that there is a significant positive relationship between the self-efficacy beliefs of students and their academic performance. Self-efficacy influences the activities that students select, the amount of effort they put in, persistence in difficult times as well as difficulty in set goals. Therefore, the goal of this task is to increase own self-efficacy and check the accomplishment after a specified period of time. It must be borne in mind that people having low self-efficacy tend to avoid the task while those having high self-efficacy not only attempt the task but work harder and persist longer in times of difficulties.
The personal development plan provided above has been constructed in order to enhance own self-efficacy skills. It is required to enhance self-efficacy skills in three areas including academic performance, self-confidence, and employability skills. Certain activities are needed to be performed in order to improve in each of the mentioned areas. For instance, in order to perform better in academics, one needs to alleviate the impact of past failures. Past performance has a huge impact on the beliefs of getting success or failure in the future. Therefore, the impact of previous failures must be minimized. Also, strategies for achieving good grades must be situational that is, urgent tasks need to be done first. Along with that, learning must be acquired through every possible source. Apart from course books, newspapers, magazines, documentaries, and informational apps contribute a great deal in improving the learning process. In addition, instead of receiving rewards on final success, small rewards must be given to own self after accomplishing small goals. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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