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Development Plan in the Marketing Field - Personal Statement Example

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The "Personal Development Plan in the Marketing Field" discusses the personal development skills that need to be improved for the success of personal and professional life. The paper discusses the author's strengths and weaknesses along with the career goals that he/she has set for the future…
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Personal Development Plan in the Marketing Field
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Extract of sample "Development Plan in the Marketing Field"

Download file to see previous pages All individuals have some strengths and some weaknesses in their personalities. To become successful in this world of such cut-throat competition, it is essential for individuals to build upon their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. This particular assignment focuses on highlighting the areas in which I need to polish my skills and practice towards overcoming the weaknesses.

When conducting my personality analysis, it can be stated that I have an introvert personality. I am highly dedicated and diligent towards my work and complete all my tasks in a systematic manner. The learning style that I am adaptable to easily is through observation and through solitary (intrapersonal) learning style. By self-studying, many new leanings have been discovered by me. There are many things that I have learned through just simple keenly observing things in my surroundings.

The current education that I perceive is in the field of marketing and I have some previous work experience in the field of sales and marketing. I need to develop marketing and leadership skills so that I can build upon convincing abilities and convince the consumers through the marketing messages. This skill will help me in my future as a marketing manager. 

Communication: The communication style I have is assertive in nature. I am a very good listener and do not react to things instantly. This is a strength as well as a drawback, as working upon making a career in marketing; I need to develop the insight to make impulsive and right decisions.

Time Management: I need to work upon the time management skills as at times due to multiple tasks, I am unable to complete all of them timely. I need to work upon prioritizing the tasks according to importance and deadline.

Creative Thinking: Since I am a marketing-oriented person, I need to develop my creative thinking abilities so that by suggesting new and innovative ideas, I can become successful as a marketing manager. Marketing new ideas require a lot of creative thinking and I need to develop this skill. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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