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In the paper “Self-Respect and Self-Confidence” the author describes how he tested a number of different adults from different backgrounds and different ages. Basically, he wanted to find out how an appreciation of art varied from one individual to another due to a set or a myriad of different factors…
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Self-Respect and Self-Confidence
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Download file to see previous pages I specified the requirements that were needed in conducting the art appreciation measure and other relevant measures. I prepared adequately for this project. In the first week, I prepared a brief, but accurate and suitable questionnaire that was used to measure and gauge the level of need for cognition. This questionnaire was necessary since it helped determine the interests and the predispositions to do activities or tasks in a required manner. Secondly, all individuals who participated in the projected submitted information concerning their biography. This was helpful since it measured the age and the level of education. Other things that I made sure were present included the participant score sheet, the NART score sheet, art appreciation score sheet and need for cognition answer sheet among others. Further, it was important to prepare the need for cognition question sheet and award card for National Adult Reading Test (NART).
What went well in the project was cognition testing. Its instructions were simple and clear, plus the questions in the cognition question sheet were very interesting and easy to respond to. Also, the most motivating element in the cognition test was that I to award participants that every answer was correct and no one answer could be wrong. How I also experienced some difficulties. Some of the study participants dropped out before its completion. Another problem that I encountered was that some people found it tiresome to look at the pictures and compare them while at the same time recalling them since they were too many. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Reflection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words - 2.
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