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Self-Concept - Personal Statement Example

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It is important for a being to recognize his or her self. When we say self, we are talking about a manifestation of one's own individuality. We must have knowledge of our personal existence. Each person is having a picture in his mind about his distinctiveness and various credence, mind-sets and opinions about himself…
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Extract of sample "Self-Concept"

Download file to see previous pages I, being a 47 years old lady, have also developed a depiction about my personal existence. I think the picture I have made up in my mind about myself matches good with what I am. This is because of the experiences in my life, whether sweet or sour. In this practical world every person faces problems and difficulties, and also happy moments. Ups and downs are such parts of life that could never be separated. If we don't face sorrows than we will not be able to get pleasure in happiness. These ups and downs have helped me to understand myself better.
we are when we are alone and what we are in front of others. Also we behave differently when we are facing our family members and friends that are our closed ones, and when we are facing society or people with whom we are living together and enjoying life in communities.
If I talk about myself when I am alone, that is I am not required to present myself in front of anyone I found myself as a thinker. I am an intellectual person and think about my surrounding activities, and what is going on in my life. This helps me to have an overview on my deeds. Almost every time my actions are planned in advance.
I look at the positive and negative points of the action I am going to do, and based on that analysis I took forward my steps. I believe that if a person mindlessly performs his duty and does not thinks about his ambition in life, than his life would be unfruitful.
I am a divorcee having a daughter and a grandson who is six weeks old. Now if I talk about what I am in front of my family and friends, I think I am a very friendly, outspoken and honest person. My intellectuality has grown in myself quality of judgment. I found myself very decisive and a good judge. I have developed a pretty logical outlook on matters which seems to be problematic to
my family and I have come up with decisions that have helped them a lot. It's the result of my decisions that I have a great respect in my family.

Now I will come on to how I am in front of society or people with whom we are formally associated. This includes cultural and economic part of my life along with what I have achieved and what I have did in my life. If I talk about my studies I have a pretty good background. I have an AS in Electrical Engineering from Dutchess Community College. When I was 13 I had a paper route, ant at the age of 16 I started working at K-Mart as a cashier. Because of my dedicated work I was soon promoted there to head cashier.
I completed my graduation in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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