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Communication and self-concept - Essay Example

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Looking at my history, I have come to understand that my identity or “self” has been shaped by so many factors. Some of these factors have been out of my…
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Communication and self-concept
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Extract of sample "Communication and self-concept"

Concepts That Have Influenced the Formation of My Self-Concept Interestingly, people develop their identity by integrating with the society around them from the time they are born. Looking at my history, I have come to understand that my identity or “self” has been shaped by so many factors. Some of these factors have been out of my control whereas others have been my own input. This is an analysis of some of the concepts that determine sense of self and how they have continually shaped my sense of self.
Human beings develop self by interacting with other people in the immediate society. The most basic is the family environment. When I was six years old, I was so much interested in drawing and painting. This is because my elder brother was an artist and I enjoyed what he used to do. I used to see him spend countless hours in his room drawing and painting. Although my paintings did not mean so much to me at the time, I enjoyed drawing. My early interest in drawing and painting was increased by the communication in the family. My parents, relatives, and family friends would always talk of drawings and paintings that my brother used to draw and therefore, my world became centered in drawing. They gave me the direct definition by nicknaming me the baby painter.
As I continued to grow, the concept of particular others came into play. I began being influenced by my peers and role models on television shows. This increased my passion for soccer. I saw myself in the eyes of favorite soccer players. I wanted to be one of the best football players and this became part of my life. I played football all through my adolescence until I reached age 17. Some of the life scripts that determined my passion for soccer changed and began working against me. Playing soccer was an acceptable and expected way of life for teenagers in my neighborhood. For example, my parents used to tell me that all work without play makes jack a dull boy. They always taught me to socialize with other people of my age through social activities such as soccer. They believed that socialization makes people to be successful in life.
However as I reached age 17, the expectations of the society changed. I was expected to behave in a more mature way by performing well in academics. According to the society, people who have good academic certificates enjoy a higher social status than those without one. The theory of social comparison came into play this time. This happened at the time when I moved to U.S for my studies. I feel that I need to do good academically in order to be successful in the society. After viewing beautiful sceneries, buildings and wonderful structures, I have developed a great interest in photography and I am very good at it. My definition of self has been changing since I was born. My family, friends, and society have greatly influenced who I am today.
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