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Professionalism is a concept which relate to the competency or skill expected from an employee in relation to a profession .Professionalism is the attitude of a worker towards his work. Professionalism means the knowledge, understanding, attitude, obligation and responsibility…
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The Concept Professionalism
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Professionalism is a concept which relate to the competency or skill expected from an employee in relation to a profession .Professionalism is the attitude of a worker towards his work. Professionalism means the knowledge, understanding, attitude, obligation and responsibility one has towards his work. According to (Chambers) “The word ‘profession’ is, today, almost synonymous with occupation: the term professional is now applied to a wide range of such individuals as footballers and cricketers”.
Importance of professionalism in a work place ;Professionalism has a significant role to play in an organization. If an employee is professional, he can bring prosperity to the organization and to his career. A professional will maintain a positive relationship with his colleagues and management. A professional will be a good team worker, aspiring, confident and dedicated in his work. According to (Kini)“Professionalism is earned, rather than being called. A real "Professional" is a brand, which is tagged with respects that one gains”. Professionalism has many benefits as it can increase the productivity and maintain the organizational culture of an organization. A business concern with professional employees can increase the product or service value with less effort .If an employee is unprofessional he can bring chaos, unproductivity and conflict in an organization. An unprofessional employee has the ability to damage the reputation of him and that of an organization
Conclusion -Professionalism is an important criteria as it forms the basic foundation of any organisation. Professionalism is utmost important as it builds the career of a person and the social infrastructure of a firm. The more professional are the employee more benefit it can reap the employee and the organization.
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