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A democratic political system is an essential condition for sustained economic progress. Discuss - Term Paper Example

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"Democratic Political System Is an Essential Condition for Sustained Economic Progress" paper states that this process is possible only if large numbers of people have access to the market mechanism and forms of suppression are not used to prevent them from much-needed jobs and education…
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A democratic political system is an essential condition for sustained economic progress. Discuss
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Extract of sample "A democratic political system is an essential condition for sustained economic progress. Discuss"

Download file to see previous pages What is now clear is that democracy is superior when it comes to countries that have a heterogeneous mix of people and cultures since it is imperative that all sections of society be carried along if the process of economic development has to succeed. In case this does not happen, the concerned country faces the risk of social unrest and the inability of the government to carry all the citizens along with the process of economic development.

If we look at some of the competing ideologies of the 20th century. Communism was the dominant ideology of many countries of the eastern bloc. The basic tenet of communism is the absence of private profit and state ownership of the factors of production. This means that all workers are paid equal and the Marxist rant against the alienation of the worker and the wage gap leading to inequality is eliminated. One of the reasons for communism’s demise was that the system of governance practiced in the communist countries was akin to totalitarianism and this led to widespread dissatisfaction among the peoples of these countries. Liberalism essentially defines itself in opposition to Totalitarian schools of thought. Hayek in his book, The Road to Serfdom argued that “too much intervention by the government leads to loss of individual liberties”.

The other competing ideology that started in the 1970s and manifested itself in the horrific attacks of 911 was religious fundamentalism. Huntington argued that “fault lines of civilizations lead to the clash of civilizations and religious strife” (Huntington, 1991). Religious fundamentalism is by its very nature anathema to the secular and progressive thought of Liberalism. Any form of Liberal democracy practices a separation between the state and religion and is in contrast with regimes like the one by the Taliban in Afghanistan. The case for liberal democracy grows stronger when one considers these competing ideologies.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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A democratic political system is an essential condition for sustained Term Paper.
(A Democratic Political System Is an Essential Condition for Sustained Term Paper)
A Democratic Political System Is an Essential Condition for Sustained Term Paper.
“A Democratic Political System Is an Essential Condition for Sustained Term Paper”.
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