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Education as a Path to Political Awareness in Malawi - Research Paper Example

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This paper seeks to discuss education as a path towards political awareness in Malawi. Malawi is a country in the southeastern region of Africa with Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Zambia as it neighbors, which makes it a landlocked nation. …
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Education as a Path to Political Awareness in Malawi
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Extract of sample "Education as a Path to Political Awareness in Malawi"

Download file to see previous pages Breakdown in governance translated to extreme levels of poverty with the country’s general population being ravaged by famine year after year. The government’s unwillingness to address the needs and wants of the people in Malawi led to the decline in education standards that were established by the colonial leadership before independence. The lack of education in Malawi left people to rely on age-old traditional practices and customs because there was no other alternative available to them. Poverty was so ingrained that even those who wished to advance their lives through education ultimately failed in their endeavors because education ranked low in their priorities of life. Education is seen as a vital component of every sovereign country’s development agenda because it ensures that there will be an educated ad informed workforce to drive economic activities. Political awareness is advanced by education because the needs and wants for society are easily understandable to the literate than to the illiterate. Democracy is only feasible in a country where the population is educated thus, putting it in a position to understand the benefits of democracy over other institutions of governance. Education makes people aware of their rights both at an individual and national level, which makes them aware of their unique position of holding their governments accountable and answerable for their actions. Political awareness in Malawi was long suppressed through an indirect suppression of education in the country because the political elite knew the power of education. Banda knew that largely literate population would not condone his style of...
From the report findings it is clear that education is touted as the key to success because it opens up people’s minds to new ideas, and brings understanding of concepts and perspectives that work to improve their lives and those around them. The dictatorship in Malawi undermined education efforts because of the widespread corruption and disregard of public service.
As the paper stresses political awareness is advanced by education because the needs and wants for society are easily understandable to the literate than to the illiterate. Democracy is only feasible in a country where the population is educated thus, putting it in a position to understand the benefits of democracy over other institutions of governance. Education makes people aware of their rights both at an individual and national level, which makes them aware of their unique position of holding their governments accountable and answerable for their actions. Political awareness in Malawi was long suppressed through an indirect suppression of education in the country because the political elite knew the power of education. Banda knew that largely literate population would not condone his style of leadership and his popularity as the leader for life would diminish. This can be exhibited by the fact that the few who got a chance to get an education rose up or were intolerant of Banda’s tyranny, and they fled the country for fear of persecution. Education is the path to enlightenment including political and social awareness in Malawi and in any other country in the world. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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