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Introduction to International Politics. International Conflicts - Essay Example

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When we discuss International conflicts there are changing relations that determine numerous variables of what type of conflicts there may be on the international scale; social, economic, political, technological, etc… The list as seen can go on for ages as to the reasons why they occur and to which extent they will expand. …
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Introduction to International Politics. International Conflicts
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Download file to see previous pages International conflicts are mainly a stage of opposition, basically when a disagreement or different views and values between two or more states are seen. The term "international conflict" means that conflicts between different nations, organizations, and people are fighting for independence or increased social, political, or economic power (Bercovitch, 1996, p. 8). In this prospective paper international conflicts will be defined as a mechanism that will continue to exist as long as people on this earth will continue to inhabit it. International conflicts can be divided into two theoretical perspectives: Realism and Liberalism, both paradigms have different views on how to go about international conflicts.
The methodology in this paper outlines the realism and the doctrines that it established as well as the theory it follows. Secondly we will be looking at liberalism and its theories in which it practices and preaches to the political community. Those two theoretical perspectives will be viewed in the first body paragraph. In the second body paragraph we will discuss the two types of international conflicts: the private area and the public area of international conflicts. Evidence will be provided with articles of the argument at hand. In the third body paragraph we will analyze which of the two theoretical schools can better explain international conflicts. For the last part which will be the conclusion, it will summarize the thesis and argument into a whole and provide the implications that followed throughout this paper as whether it was theoretical or practical.
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