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'Human security should be seen as a higher priority in international politics than state/national security'. Do you agree - Essay Example

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History and Political Science Essay Tutor Submission date: Introduction Human security is threatened by war among other things. International politics is characterized by armed conflicts, which endangers the fundamental aspects required for human survival, such as the basic rights and freedoms…
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Human security should be seen as a higher priority in international politics than state/national security. Do you agree
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Extract of sample "'Human security should be seen as a higher priority in international politics than state/national security'. Do you agree"

Download file to see previous pages The problems or issues of human security are common problems to several countries and nations across the globe. Addressing these issues would be a significant step toward state and national security. International politics should prioritize addressing issues of human security than state or national security because they endanger the basic elements of human survival. International politics should increase awareness of actors such as governments, intergovernmental organizations as well as academics on the interconnectedness of human welfare and dignity in the global political and economic context. Consequently, human security should be a more pertinent issue in international politics in terms of policymaking and implementation at domestic, regional, and international levels. Arguments for Human security demands higher priority in international politics than state or national security because it encapsulates the basic elements of national and state security. State of national security emphasizes the security of particular territory from external aggression and protects the national interest in foreign policy as well as international security. Conversely, when given more priority, human security encompasses fundamental security threats to common people, which may lead to national or state security. Human security deals with threats of disease, poverty, social conflict, environmental dangers, and threats of political repression (Frick & Oberprantacher 2009, p. 132). Human security should be given additional priority as opposed to state or national security because when the issues or threats to human security are addressed, the majority of the national or state security threats shall have been settled. Tackling human security threats would imply that mortality rates are reduced because deaths due to illnesses, hunger and poverty would have been mitigated. Threats to national security because of ethnic and racial tensions would be dealt with. National or state security would be automatically handled appropriately when human dignity and life are preserved and protected first (Frick & Oberprantacher 2009, p. 132). The problem of human security is a universal and interdependent concern because human security threat in a particular nation can as well be a human security threat everywhere across the globe. The problems of human security are focused on individuals and can be prevented and managed to avoid spilling to other neighboring states and countries, raising the national security threats (Newman & Richmond 2001, p. 70). Human security should be prioritized more than state or national security because it emphasizes the empowerment of individuals against the immediate security threats involving various forms of conflicts. In contrast, national or state security focuses on defending against the security threats. Human security helps the international community to shift away from military intervention techniques that have been criticized to hinder development in areas where applied. Through human security, international politics would help address the predominant issues of underdevelopment and human dignity that most third world countries suffer from. Moreover, human security would promote multilateralism and networking among nations that desire to fight against unilateral actions across the globe. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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