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Should international marriage be banned - Essay Example

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The essay advocates for the banning of international marriage by providing elaborated arguments for key factors that lead to problems that are absent in same country marriages. The paper tells that there is a realization that several factors negatively influence international marriages…
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Should international marriage be banned
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Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the statement that in the recent past, international marriage has received increased attention both from the perspective of theory and due to the practical concern. Several urgent policy issues have come up due to the emerging trends of international marriages. International marriage is for people who have an adventurer’s heart. International marriages require its participants to have a different view of the world. These people need to go contrary to established behavior patterns. In addition, International marriages present an opportunity for diversity and exploration of two or more different cultures and traditions. Despite these benefits, international marriages have problems that are absent if couples are from the same nation. Due to this, international marriages need to be discouraged and even banned to avoid the occurrence of such problems. The present research has identified that cultural differences present several challenges for international marriages. Every society around the world has its distinct and unique culture and value system. These differences in culture and value systems present simple routine differences. If people marry from the same country, there are high chances that they will have the same cultures and share in these unique value systems. Thus, there would be reduced uneasiness in the marriage resulting due to culture shock and the need to adopt the value system of either party. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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