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An author of the present research "The Role of Political Parties in the American Democratic" shall discuss contributions of the two main political parties throughout the history of the United States of America - Republicans and Democrats, describing its strategies and aims…
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The Role of Political Parties in the American Democratic
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The Role of Political Parties in the American Democratic Process
The democratic theory asserts that it is only through a free and fair voting process that Americans can primarily control the government. According to this theory, elections make the government to pay attention to the demands and needs of the electorates (Maisel 4), hence the importance of voting. It is for this reason that political parties are valued for their contribution to democracy in America. The two main political parties in the U.S (Republican and Democrat) support their candidates to contest the elections with only one objective; winning the election. The choice of the candidate that the party supports is determined by the issues and agendas presented by the candidate. Given the competitiveness of the electoral process, the party goes for those candidates whose manifestos are consistent with the party’s (Maisel 45). Therefore, candidates supporting real issues such as economic stabilization, job creation, affordable healthcare, infrastructural development, increases education access, and insecurity/terrorism are supported by the party.
The party design strategies for supporting its preferred candidates during the campaign. During the campaign, the party organizes for a campaign team charged with the responsibility of mobilizing voters and financial support to the party’s preferred candidate (Maisel 67). It is this campaign committee that works on the campaign strategies and identifying the strong holds of their competitors. Voter mobilization is prioritized in the campaign strategies. The party uses all possible avenues of reaching out to potential voters (Maisel 77-8). Social networks and social sites such as face-book, twitter, and other online platforms are used in mobilizing voters. Realization of social network campaign calls for adequate financial resource allocation and mobilization. The resources for the campaign are internally and externally sources. Party members individually contribute or donate resources for the campaign. Friends, relatives, and the business community also fund the campaigns.
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Maisel, Louis S. American Political Parties and Elections: A Very Short Introduction. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007. Print. Read More
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