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Labor Party in America - Case Study Example

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The 1890s is characterized by the breakdown of American labor party. Actually, this event and the absence of labor party in the United States can be explained by the peculiarities of American political system focused on the strict severance of powers. In the current political situation when employment rates are increasing, there is a question asked by many American citizens: does America need labor party founded on trade unions' Dissatisfied with the current political power people are looking for the way out and see it in building the labor party…
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Labor Party in America
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Download file to see previous pages Three significant factors can be defined in order to explain the issue: a) repression level; b) religion; c) more strict communist position.
It is a fact that in the United States labor movement has more severe communist principles. The level of repression in the United States is higher and the issues connected with religion are recognized as very important because in America religion plays a very important role for everybody choosing what party to adhere to. A great number of American citizens refused from being members of trade unions, because it is very important for many of them to be a Democrat or a Republican. The active popularization of human rights also explains why Americans are inclined to accept socialist principles and leave trade unions. Trottier states:
In the 1990s, there was the beginning of a labor party in the US, but the vast majority of the unions in this country refused to break with the Democrats and Republicans and join this party. Even a few of the unions who supported the Labor Party also continued their support of some Democrats. The Labor Party could have played an educational role in developing a future mass labor party. It would have needed to organize rallies, mass meetings and run at least some candidates in a few elections. The fact that it did not do this led many people to drop out as they could not see it developing further (Trottier, 2009).
Does America need labor party'
A great number of American employees, who were on the side of Democrats, when the elections were held, now are not satisfied with their activity and with the absence of any positive changes. Now many people are inclined to build a labor party. They see it including trade unions with the rights to vote (Yates, 1998). The party will have local representations and special representation for young people who study or can't find job. The supporters are sure that there will be no lack of members because in the current political situation there are many people who can't find job or are afraid to be fired. Also there is a great number of Americans who want to stop wars abroad and bring American troops back home. Moreover, there are many former unions' members. Trottier states:
We see the struggle to change the union leadership's policies of supporting the big business political parties as part of a struggle for more democratic unions that will the fight against give-backs to the boss and use more militant tactics to win strike battles. The Workers International League works with any and all who struggle for these changes in the unions. We also bring the issue of the need for a mass labor party to other campaigns such as the immigrants' rights and anti-war movements (Trottier, 2009).
The conclusion can be made that there are no relevant reasons or factors in the United States, which would not allow to have labor party. In the current political situation, when employment rates are getting higher, there is a question asked by many American citizens: does America need labor party founded on trade unions' Dissatisfied with the current polit ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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