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Becoming an Informed Voter-Researching your congressional Delegation - Essay Example

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One of the things that comes with living in the United States, is the ability to vote for the politicians that make the very laws that Americans are bound by. The individuals that are seen as the face of their respective constituents. With the current state of the American…
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Becoming an Informed Voter-Researching your congressional Delegation
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Download file to see previous pages Such as the state of Michigan and its 9th congressional district.
Presently, the representatives of this district, who also work for the state as a whole, include Senator Carl Levin and Congressman Gary Peters. With Senator Levin being an elected official for the previous three decades, it would affirm the role having been played by both the Senator, as well as his political party. The Democratic Party would further cement that hold, with the election in 2008 of Congressman Peters. Both men in their respective elections, would face Republican candidates as their opponents and win. Thus, showing that the citizens of Michigan seek to find reliable change and are open, at least when they feel the time is right, to find it where and with whomever they are able to.
Historically speaking, the citizenry of the 9th congressional district, have been represented by both the Republican Party, as well as the Democratic Party. With the different roles to be played by Senators and Congressman, the fact that Senator Levin will have been in officer for as long as he has, would lead many to decipher that either the electorate of Michigan feel more comfortable with a Democrat as their Senator for an extended period of time.
Otherwise, there hadnt been a strong Democratic contender for the congressional seat in the 9th district until Congressman Peters decided to run on the Democratic platform. After observing the general rank and file of most of Michigans elected representatives, those of whom influence what occurs in the 9th district and by extension the state as a whole, it would appear presently that the Democrats would in fact hold an edge as of late.
From a standpoint of advantage, the Democrats would have their own advantage presently. Not only having Senators in power from their political fold, along with Congressman Peters, the Governors mansion and the Lt. Governors positions are both presently held by confirmed Democrats. Whether its been recent change, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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