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Rough Relations: Discussing the United States/Mexican Border - Essay Example

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 This essay describes the issue of illegal immigration most often refers to the number of Mexican immigrants that illegally cross the shared border between the United States and Mexico. The majority of undocumented immigrants enter the country for monetary reasons…
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Rough Relations: Discussing the United States/Mexican Border
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Download file to see previous pages The border between the two countries was not always guarded (Cadaval, 2014).It was not until the mid-1900s that restrictions were set and guards were placed at the border to control the number of Mexican immigrants could come into the country. After 9/11, however, when Americans were more afraid than ever of foreign and outside threats coming into the country illegally that larger fences, more armed guards, and a new task force, ICE intended to round up and eliminate the crime, terrorism, and undocumented illegal immigration all were established (Akers Chacón, 2010).The majority of threats to America’s security have nothing to do with Mexico, but much farther away. Yet greater and greater militant actions are taken to guard the border between the United States and a country that has been, at least for the better part of the last century, our allies. The presence, enforcement, and nature of the border are pointless and, to be honest, it is not that effective in slowing down the arrival of more and more undocumented person entering the country. This is due to gaps in the fencing, literally. In locations close to San Diego, California, and El Paso, Texas have two of the highest concentrations of Mexican immigrants who cross the border.
Again the locations with the highest populations of, both, documented and undocumented immigrants are cities in states close to a border “gap.” Again, these places are untimely, parts of Texas and California. When the immigrants arrive it is no doubt overwhelming. They are illegally here, they are fearful of police, and do not necessarily speak any language other than Spanish. They often end up staying on the streets or finding other immigrants to hide among. However, taking that risk is far better than staying in the land from which they came.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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