Identify the stereotypes, what is their impact to people of the follow three movies: Man on fire, Touch of evil, Scarface - Essay Example

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A recurring theme throughout history has been the need of one group to conveniently define that which can be considered as “other”. This invariably leads to a form of stereotyping which…
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Identify the stereotypes, what is their impact to people of the follow three movies: Man on fire, Touch of evil, Scarface
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Extract of sample "Identify the stereotypes, what is their impact to people of the follow three movies: Man on fire, Touch of evil, Scarface"

Download file to see previous pages Sometimes these stereotypes were furthered as a result of a particular political motive; such as the films that were churned out during the late 30’s and early 40’s by Nazi Germany. Other times, stereotypes were furthered by the fact that they helped to conveniently describe an element that was necessary for the plot device of a movie. It is the latter practice that this brief essay will analyze with respect to how it is evidenced in the following movies: A Touch of Evil, Scarface, and Man on Fire. Furthermore, unique elements of stereotyping and prejudice will be extrapolated as it relates to existing stereotypes of the Latino community both inside and outside the United States.
A Touch of Evil is unique in a number of ways. Firstly, the casual observer might incorrectly deduce that since this is the oldest film that this analysis will consider with respect to its level of stereotypes and racial innuendo, it must necessarily be the worst offender. However, this is not the case as will be amply demonstrated further in this analysis. Secondly, the film pits a morally upstanding Charlton Heston, playing the part of a Mexican police officer, against that of a seedy and corrupt American, played by Orson Wells.
At first glance, the fill avoids a great many of the stereotypes that could have been easily imprinted on Charlton Heston’s character; however, these are no less evident; albeit exhibited in different ways throughout the film. Orson Wells works to show that the normality and decency of American civilization tend to utterly break down at the US/Mexican border. Therefore, it is of little matter as to what side of the border that the lawlessness is exhibited and by whom; the clear takeaway is that the meeting of the cultures has deterioration on the character of humanity and causes the unspeakable to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Identify the Stereotypes, What Is Their Impact to People of the Follow Essay - 1.
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