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The following paper under the title 'Egypt’s Struggle for Peace' gives detailed information about Anwar El Sadat who can be described first using the four figures, which are known to have impacted him strongly, thus bringing him up to be what he was known to be…
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Egypts Struggle for Peace
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This showed that Sadat was a man who admired the bold, regardless of what they face, even if it is death. The second figure was Kemal Ataturk, who is known to have created the modern state of Turkey, by liberating it from the Ottoman Empire. Ataturk managed to lead Turkey from colonization and mainly, for impressively establishing a number of crucial civil service reforms. This shows that Sadat admired leaders who put citizen interests first. The third figure was Mohandas Gandhi. While touring Egypt in 1932, Gandhi preached what he was famously known for, the power of peaceful fight for justice. This shows that Sadat was an admirer of people who advocated for peace in combating a vice in society. The final figure was Adolf Hitler, and this was because Hitler was a rival to the British. Sadat was an anti-colonialist, thus he hated the British for what they were doing to his fellow countrymen (Meital 12).
Sadat attended a military school, where he was taught math and science, and learned to analyze battles. This shows that Sadat was exposed to military training at a very young age, and was among the very first to have this privilege. His postings due to military training led him to meet with other young officers including Gamel Abdel Nasser, who was to become the first president of Egypt. Sadat with his revolutionary group was determined to overthrow British rule. His active participation landed him in jail twice. Later on, after taking over as president, Saddat at the aftermath of the Six-Day War with Egypt offered Israel a peace treaty. Here, we see how Sadat emulated his mentors. By going to jail due to his liberation efforts, he emulated Zahran’s courage, and by building Egypt and his efforts pertaining to the Suez Canal, he emulated Ataturk. By negotiating a peace deal with Egypt, he demonstrated his love for peace like Gandhi, and by his passionate dislike of the British, he emulated his mentor, Hitler (Meital 24). Read More
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(Egypts Struggle for Peace Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 453 Words)
Egypts Struggle for Peace Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 453 Words.
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