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Thesis: The 2011 Egyptian Revolution is not a product of overnight mobilization, but of decades of political repression and socio-economic problems, and so after it, the country continues to grapple with various social, economic, and political issues.
al-Bishri argues that the…
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Egypt: Before and After the Revolution
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Annotated Bibliography: Egypt: Before and After the Revolution Topic: Egypt’s Revolution Thesis: The Egyptian Revolution is not a product of overnight mobilization, but of decades of political repression and socio-economic problems, and so after it, the country continues to grapple with various social, economic, and political issues.
al-Bishri, Tariq. “Understanding Egypts Revolution.”, 18 Mar. 2011. Web. 10 Oct. 2013. <
al-Bishri argues that the people, specifically the youth, started the 2011 Egyptian Revolution. This article will help support my thesis by describing key events before the revolution. It will provide some context and background information too because of its claim that the revolution is a youth movement with no solid organization leading it. In addition, the article will support the sub-point of the thesis, where, after the revolution, Egypt has to prepare for greater challenges ahead. The article supports the further lengths that Egypt has to go through to attain stability and peace once more.
Alsharif, Asma, and Yasmine Saleh. “Special Report: The Real Force behind Egypts Revolution of the State.”, 10 Oct. 2013. Web. 10 Oct. 2013.
The article will help provide the context of post-revolution in Egypt. It narrates some key events that portray the cycle of violence before and after the revolution. The article also shows that even when Mursi is President, violence and chaos reigned. This article supports my thesis that after the revolution, Egypt continues to struggle with political problems. I will need more information on Mursi’s presidency though.
Ghanem, Hafez. “Two Years After the Egyptian Revolution: A Vision for Inclusive Growth is Needed.” Brookings Up Front, 25 Jan. 2013. Web. 10 Oct. 2013. .
This article is helpful in explaining the economic conditions of Egypt after the revolution. It describes what is economically happening right now in Egypt. It also recommends what the government can do to ease the nation’s economic woes. The article further connects the economy with a democratic transition. It is questionable though if that is what the government wants- a transition to democracy, so more research is needed on this.
Lynch, Mark. “America and Egypt after the Uprisings.” Survival 53.2 (2011): 31-42. Web. 18 Sept. 2013. .
I will use this article’s ample description of the events or demonstrations before the revolution. I will also use this article to provide context on the role of the U.S. before and after the revolution. This source will support my thesis through showing that so many events led to the revolution. I need to know more about international responses to the revolution too.
Nunns, Alex, and Nadia Idle (Eds.). Tweets from Tahrir: Egypts Revolution as it Unfolded, in the Words of the People Who Made It. New York: OR Books, 2011. Print.
This source will help me show the social media side of the revolution. The source does not claim that the revolution is all about the social media, which supports my thesis too that the revolution has complex beginnings. The source will also provide evidence on the social media’s role before and during the revolution. It will give evidence on the thoughts and actions of the people through their tweets.

Zoepf, Katherine. “A Troubled Revolution in Egypt.” The New York Times, 21 Nov. 2011. Web. 18 Sept. 2013. <>.
This article will help provide the context of women’s issues before the revolution. It will support my thesis by providing examples of the struggles and gains of women before and after the revolution. It will also confirm my point that the revolution is not the end, but the means of greater ends for its people. Finally, I will use this article to indicate further actions needed to ensure that the revolution will not be in vain for women.
Summary: I think that I have informative articles that will provide evidence for my thesis and sub-points. My sources are more about the events before the revolution, as well as what happened during and after it. The articles also indicate that I need to do more research on what is happening to Egypt now and some points on international community response before and after the revolution. I need to at least have another article that describes and assesses the administration after Mubarak and some economic, political, and social changes in Egypt at present. Read More
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