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Discuss critically the assertion that revolutionary processes in the Arab world have reached maturity due to the crucial role pl - Essay Example

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Title Name: Course: Professor: Institution: City and State: Date: Introduction Information is power. This may be considered an old saying or a cliche by many, but the value in the statement remains exactly as it suggests. People who are informed are empowered…
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Discuss critically the assertion that revolutionary processes in the Arab world have reached maturity due to the crucial role pl
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"Discuss critically the assertion that revolutionary processes in the Arab world have reached maturity due to the crucial role pl"

Download file to see previous pages The advent of new media has made it easier for people and parties to gather and use information, and spread as far and wide as they want (Anderson and Eickelman, 2003: 39). Today, social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have united millions of people, especially those with common interests and agendas. These platforms allow people to share ideas, thoughts and sentiments and discuss them with people interested, a process usually referred to as cyber activism. This activism has even made online political discussions possible. The Arab World countries have however, found new use for the new media. For them, their smart phones, twitter and Facebook are not just used for leisure, sharing, commenting and following, they have become their tools of liberation, their weapons against dictatorial regimes and a platform for gathering people towards mass action and collective responsibility (Anderson and Eickelman, 2003: 39). For these countries, it is a time for revolution, a time to change their lives, change corrupt regimes and establish a whole new season of leadership. The question is, is it right to say that the Arab world has reached its maturity in revolutionary processes due to the roles played by the new media? This is the question that this work seems to find an answer to. To do this, some case studies of events and countries where social media has been used to foster revolution, then an analysis of all the cases shall be done and a conclusion drawn. The 2010 Tunisia Revolution It all started when a street vendor in Tunisia, Mohamed Bouazizi set himself ablaze on claims of harassment by officials of the municipality. The updates of these images on the social media not only went viral but it also attracted emotional and harsh comments from the people, all attacking the government. This horrible police action laid the foundation of the revolution. The revolution, also commonly referred to as the Jasmine Revolution took place from 18th December of 2010. Some of the reasons why the protestors took to the streets included unemployment, inflation especially in the food sector, curtailed and restricted freedom of speech, unhealthy living conditions, police brutality among others. During the protests, which went to as far as past March of 2011, many people died and others injured. To the activists and non conformers, they wanted nothing less than the step-down of the then president, Zine EL Abidine Ben Ali. He had exercised his dictatorial rule for over 23 years since his election in 1987. The revolutionary protests in Tunisia took place in form of strikes, online activism, civil resistance and disobedience among others. When the government realized that the protestors were not willing to back off or retreat, Ben Ali finally stepped down on 15th January 2011. Foud Mebazaa then became the acting president, and the protestors demanded that elections be held in sixty days. All the RCD members were removed from government but the protests did not subside, resulting to the resignation of the prime minister. Tunisia opened the gate for the Arab world uprisings and revolutions, which have seen huge and immense changes in the dictatorial regimes. The revolution became famously known as the Twitter revolution, where the protests claimed that they were tweeting out the tyrants .To them, they were ready to bring change to the country and fight for democracy. The new media was vastly and widely used to propagate and call for mass action. At then, Tunisia had become a center of focus in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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