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Egypt Revolution of 1919 - Essay Example

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Egypt Revolution of 1919 No: Date: Egypt Revolution of 1919 Introduction Revolution is basic change in power or structure of any organization taking place in a very short period. Crisis in Egyptian history began in 1882 when Egyptian army was defeated by the Britain…
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Egypt Revolution of 1919
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Egypt Revolution of 1919

Download file to see previous pages... British promised to evacuate Egypt but it did not materialize. Therefore, big chapter in Egypt’s foreign occupation and Britain’s global empire (Daly, 1988). Saad Zaghul formed the Egyptian delegation party known as “wafd”. This party started pressing nationalist cause. Tactics of civil disobedience was used by people to begin a huge movement of independence. Zaghlul and Wafd had gathered massive public support. Petition for full independence of Egypt was lodged. British could sense the rising support for Wafd leaders. British arrested Zaghlul and other main leaders of movement and exiled them to Malta. The ultimate outcome of all this was revolution in Egypt (Daly, 1988). The Egyptian revolution of 1919 compelled British government to recognize Egypt as independent state in 1922 and then ultimately implementation to new constitution took place in 1923. Causes Egypt came under British rule on December 14 1914. People were agitated against the British rule and they got united in their discontent. During the war about 1.5 million Egyptians were recruited in the labor corps by British army. Main infrastructure of the country was seized for the army. Saad Zaghlul was founder of the Wafd party during World War 1. The party got fame just after the war setting the goal of ending British occupation. 14 points of Woodrow got fame and inspired nationalists. On November 11 1918, Zaghlul requested high commissioner Sir Reginald Wingate to permit Wafd activists for presenting Egypt’s demand for independence in London. Wafd party members were not allowed to visit London (Bisgaard-Church, 2011). Party kept sending messages to House of Commons but no response shown by British government. In March 1919, Zaghlul was arrested by the British with two other part leaders and then exiled them to Malta. This resulted in countrywide protests incorporating people from all walks of life against the British Occupation. Cairo and Alexandria witnessed the main strikes against British held by men, women, shop owners and tradesmen. Milner mission was sent by British to access the real political and diplomatic situation in Egypt but his visit was boycotted (Bisgaard-Church, 2011). Zaghlul returned to Egypt from exile on April 4 1921. Allenby was clear in his mind that Zaghlul is a British puppet and wants to create new independent Egypt as per British desires. Zaghlul was again exiled to Seychelles in December. Exile was responded by Egyptians by countrywide strikes and protests (Bisgaard-Church, 2011). Events Egyptian nationalists demanded independence from British after the World War 1 ended. Wafd was formed which demanded independence at Paris conference. 13 November 1918 was celebrated as day of struggle. Wafd party was formed by Saad Zaghlul. This party wanted to visit London for demanding independence of Egypt but it was denied. Zaghlul and other party members were arrested on 8 March 1918 and further sent to Malta. This resulted in mobilizing people countrywide marking the beginning of revolution. Basic road and railways infrastructure was destroyed (Zunes, 1999). Zaghlul’s wife initiated women participation in movement by protesting against British occupation with 300 ladies. Demonstration held at Abdin palace of about 1000 civil servants and students was peak of the revolution. British took stern action to bring down demonstration by killing 800 Egyptians. British sent Lord Milner in May 1919 for giving self-governance to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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