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Contribution of Facebook to Egypt revolution - Research Paper Example

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The researcher of this essay “Contribution of Facebook to Egypt revolution” aims to analyze the use of Facebook as social media network in mass during Egypt revolution. The Egyptian’s government efforts to improve information technology in the country…
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Contribution of Facebook to Egypt revolution
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Download file to see previous pages In the year 1999, the government of Egypt initiatives was to ensure free internet, reduce the cost of computers, and implementation of many internet access centers. Researches indicate that in the year 2010, approximately 80 million Egyptian citizens had cell phones, which resulted to easy access to Facebook (Elsayed, 2013). How people communicated via Facebook during Egypt revolution In the year 2000, many Egyptian bloggers were able to tackle critical issue. The first blogs in Egypt were published using English, but following Arabic software development, which encouraged publication of more blogs, hence attracting a large domestic population. Following the growth of these blogs, journalists started using other communication technology such as Facebook. The initial Egyptian-instigated cyber activism trial was on April 2008 whereby, the programmers created the first Facebook page, which attracted approximate of seventy thousand supporters. The Facebook knowledge and experience gained power in social media and became an effective instrument to gather information in 2011 protests resulting to Egypt revolution (Elsayed, 2013). Perhaps, what is most effective resulting from the use of Facebook towards revolution of Egypt is the way it transformed the strategy of social mobilization. Perhaps, what is most effective resulting from the use of Facebook towards revolution of Egypt is the way it transformed the strategy of social mobilization. Facebook improved speed and interaction in traditional communication technology....
This really assisted in bringing Egypt revolution to existence. The expansion of the Facebook pages enabled many citizens to engage themselves in political discussions as well as attracting young politicians. Facebook members used this opportunity to spread information on the current faults of President Mubarak government. This discussion seemed to be of the frustrated citizens as the Facebook population portrayed (Marzouki, Skandrani-Marzouki, Bejaoui, Hammoudi & Bellaj, 2012). Many youthful social media journalists who spread political news via Facebook effectively assisted to initiate Egypt revolution. Egyptian youths, gave guidance on their country’s condition using Facebook technology to avoid regime surveillance, like their counterparts, Tunisian youths. During the 2011 Movement, a population that mostly relied on Facebook to gather political information was the major institutional resources of the movement. Two years later, the movement’s leaders introduced nonviolent movement by designing the association’s logo to bear a resemblance to the Serbian movement logo, which assisted in toppling Slobodan dictatorship. The group members could pay visits to Serbian to meet up the activists. Facebook was the key tool for them to gather and exchange information for better preparations to launch the 2011 protests (Marzouki, Skandrani-Marzouki, Bejaoui, Hammoudi & Bellaj, 2012). Importance of Facebook towards Egypt revolution The main advantage of Facebook technology towards Egypt revolution was its faster means of exchanging information to a large group of both domestic and international Protesters. For example, as Egyptians carefully followed events spread out in Tunisia as they progressed the planning of their protest, the two groups could easily ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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