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Policies of Anwar Sadat - Research Paper Example

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The objective of this paper is to critically analyze the leadership of the third president of Egypt, Anwar El Sadat during his time in office from 15th October 1970 till his assassination on 6th October 1980. The paper assesses the significant events that took place during his time in office…
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Policies of Anwar Sadat
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Download file to see previous pages The story of Zahran, the hero of Denshway narrated to Sadat by his grandmother is said to have had a great influence on his desire to imagine a progressive and glorious Egypt free from British occupancy. Sadat’s early education was completed at the Koranic Teaching School situated in Mit Abul Kum and in 1938 he went on to graduate from the Royal Military Academy. Sadat’s posting in Sudan soon after his graduation allowed him to meet a number of like-minded officers including Gamal Abdel Nasser who would go on to become the second president of Egypt. Along with the members of the Free Officers Movement established with the junior officers he had met in Sudan, Sadat played an integral role in overthrowing the Muhammad Ali Dynasty in 1952 of what was known as the Egyptian Revolution.
When Anwar El Sadat took office in 1970 after Gamal Abdel Nasser’s death, his political credentials were by all means inferior to that of Nasser. Nasser had intended on establishing a socialist Egyptian state with the underlying ideology of pan-Arabism that promoted a sense of unity and harmony between the nations of the Arab world, opposing any enemy that would harm the existence of any state in the Arab League. Sadat believed that he needed to move away from such Nasserist principles by creating a government that had its own credibility and in doing so Sadat acting by taking swift measures which surprised many of his critics.
Heifetz suggests that Anwar El Sadat was a man who defied the beliefs, ideologies and general assumptions that the people of his country had developed during the presidency of Gamal Abdel Nasser (Heifetz 34).  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Policies of Anwar Sadat Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words - 1.
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