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The paper "Countervailing Power and President Franklin D Roosevelt " states that countervailing power was shifted to organized labor through the Wagner Act of 1935.  Countervailing power is considered to be the use of a modification of markets by political figures…
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Countervailing Power and President Franklin D Roosevelt
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Your F. 26 April Countervailing Power While the first New Deal was a complete disaster, President Franklin D. Roosevelt was under pressure to find a new method to get America back on track. Countervailing power was shifted to organized labor through the Wagner Act of 1935. This can give exceeding amounts of power to different business corporations, citizen organizations or trade unions.
While the goal was to provide equal opportunities for many of these people, many of these parts of the New Deal were instead seen as corrupt and impotent.
Much of the countervailing powers changed after realizing that many of Franklin Delano Roosevelts ideas were also unconstitutional. It made the government in power of many things that it really did not have control over-regulating. The programs of the New Deal were deemed useless. Instead, there became a second New Deal that allowed for better equality. The Congress of Industrial Organizations was created, there was a national closed shop and the Social Security pension program began. There was also an increase in taxes on wealthier citizens and a Fair Labor Standards Act. This change in countervailing power worked and Americans slowly gained confidence and began to bounce back. Read More
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