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President Franklin Roosevelt remains the only president who served the USA for an extended term of 12years, a period that was marked with numerous challenges, both in relation to wars and major financial crisis that threatened to destroy the life of the Americans (Whitman, 47)…
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Franklin roosevelt was NOT a good president
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Download file to see previous pages y through the tough times, and probably set the USA on the path of global prominence and almost predominance in foreign affairs, through guiding it to defeat the fascist Germany, Japan and Italy as he main dominant powers of the early 20th century (Miller Center, n.p.). Nevertheless, Franklin Roosevelt was not a president without his own faults, and for this reason, he has been regarded as one of the failing presidents in the history of the USA presidents. Despite his popularity and fame as a president, Franklin Roosevelt did not do any good in respecting the constitution or democracy, but sought to weaken the opposition by the Republicans through trying to strengthen the Democratic Party by all means, so it could remain the permanent majority party in the USA (Garraty, 907). In addition, his policies for the Great Depression are still questionable as to whether they helped end it or they in fact prolonged it unnecessarily. Thus, regardless of his ability to give hope to a very depressed and demoralized nation when he took over as the president in 1932, Franklin Roosevelt’s presidency was not a good.
First, President Franklin Roosevelt could circumvent the constitution in order to suit his interests, regardless of the costs such actions could bring to the nation. Thus, after the Bureau of the Budget was established in 1921 to constitutionally control the budget of all government departments, President Franklin Roosevelt found it a useful tool that he would use to cultivate his interests in order to achieve his New Deal program (Powell, 72). Consequently, despite the fact that the bureau had been established under treasury, he took the liberty offered in law to appoint 6 more staff to the bureau, so that he could have a controlling power in its budgeting functions (Billington, 42). Thus, through the support of his appointees to the bureau, Franklin Roosevelt was able to reduce funding to other departments of the governments that he found necessary, so that he ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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