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Franklin D, Roosevelt on the four freedoms(1941) - Assignment Example

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American security had been threatened more than ever. The world was entangled in war that resulted in various changes in government policies. This is when the president decided to address the…
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Franklin D, Roosevelt on the four freedoms(1941)
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"Franklin D, Roosevelt on the four freedoms(1941)"

Download file to see previous pages They include freedom of speech and expression where every human being was able to express him/herself all over the world. Second was the freedom of worship as one wish without any interference. He argued individual should be allowed to leadership from the Almighty. Third was the freedom from want which would provide peaceful coexistence among the world populace and the last freedom was the freedom from fear which would reduce disarmament among nations so as to reduce the fear that existed among the residents.
The four freedoms influence history in the 20th and 21st centuries. The president was guided by the principles and help America out of seclusion to more ways of acceptance by other countries among them were the European nations during the war. Guided by peace message around the world, Franklin initiated peace talks with various nations’ and leaders such as Churchill that led to formation of the United Nations to monitor world peace.
Franklin four pillars of freedom have also formed the major changes that occur around the world. In fact they have formed the major basic human rights in many constitutions. Many governments including the United States considers them to be the fundamentals of a democratic state in the modern era. Any government that denies its citizens the four freedoms is just but a dictatorship regime and is prone to be neglected by the major world nations. Hence, the four freedoms have greatly resulted into democracy and peace around the world.
The source of the data enabled us to know exactly who presented the information since it was from a recorded video tape. We were also able to establish the emotions that was involved by Franklin in its quest to have a more better world that do not involved in constant wrangles. However, the source do have some weakness, for instance the author does not exist anymore hence we could not consult him to substantiate his ideas. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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