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[Course] Democracies Undoubtedly, the United States of America evolved as one of the early liberal democracies in the history after Switzerland (an independent federation and not a democracy according to the modern definitions) in 1219…
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Download file to see previous pages However, different inaugurals, studies, and declarations such as; The Four Freedoms which were presented by Franklin D. Roosevelt for the strengthening of democracy; the UDHR; President Obama’s Second Inaugural; etc. This paper critically analyzes these articles and declarations on the topic which are in significant relevance with each other; UDHR and Four Freedoms and Kaplan’s Article and Obama’s Second Inaugural. Moreover, it will also highlight the impacts on each other. Likewise, other responsible democracies of the world, United States also have great respect and serious interest towards democracy and human rights. These components have long been the core focus of the U.S. Foreign Policy. The increased emphasis on democracy by its leaders, government, and other concerned authorities is because of the fact that it allows them to advance their national interests on global levels. Moreover, the freedom for religion and the workers and labor rights as essential American ideologies are also well promoted through it. It is believed by the U.S. Government and people of U.S. that, democratic nations have more contribution towards global peace; it helps in diminishing aggression; allows expanding open markets, and ensures and safeguard the basic rights of Americans (Patterson). It is due to these reasons that many U.S. Presidents have addressed the topic of democracy and has shown its importance in their speeches at different occasions. Similarly, different institutions and the UN have also highlighted its significance. The UDHR in 1948 was also presented to show the vitality of the human rights. It was due to this declaration that the organized community of nations declared the human rights and the relevant essential freedoms for the first time (United Nations). However, the declaration was presented for democracies all over the world and was conceived as ‘a common standard of achievement for all people and nations’ (United Nations). It was formulated to measure and identify the level and degree of respect for an agreement with the international human rights principles. Varying from economic, social, cultural, to political rights, to which all individuals are authorized without any differentiation, the UDHR consists of 30 articles (United Nations). Declaring all humans as equal individuals since their birth (Article 1), the UDHR is a complete set of rules. The economic, cultural and social rights to humans are mentioned in Articles 22-27. All individuals are declared as equal members of the society (Article 22). The declaration’s mandate limits everyone and every state and government to provide all humans the same rights without any discrimination (Article 2). The declaration in its 4th Article also highlights the curse of slavery telling that no one should be held in slavery or servitude (United Nations). The right to justice is also declared to all individuals and that all of them can make use of the right before the law as a person everywhere. Right to privacy (Article 12) and the freedom of thought, conscience and religion is also declared to all in Article 18. Article 19 deals with the freedom of expression and speech. The declaration also deals with religion giving every human equal right for it (Article 26). The United Nation’s, UDHR worked as a chief declaration for the human rights and many democratic states including U.S. followed it with its full implementation. However, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Democracies Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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Modern Democracies
Democracy, as the predominant political ideology, has been practiced since early 20th century and materialization of the democratic ideals became conspicuous since the World War II aftermath. As a political philosophy, democracy can be defined as the “form of government in which the ruling power of a State is legally vested not in any particular class or classes, but in the members of the community as a whole.
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Liberal Democracies
Indeed, democracy is not so simple and straight forward. Can an entire cluster of 'people' really run a government Even directly and indirectly elected representatives of the 'people' also cannot really - all of them together - run a government and State at one go.
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Should democracies be forbidden to possess chemical weapons
U.S. has been taking actions against many countries, including Iraq and Afghanistan, to stop militancy and terrorism. A recent event is also one such example, in which Syrian government used chemical weapons against its own people. U.S. has also been concerned about the nuclear state of Iran.
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Are Democracies Inherently Peaceful
Are Democracies Inherently Peaceful? The last few years witnessed strong people’s movements against monocratic rule in countries like Egypt, Syria, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. The experience of these countries clearly indicates the awfulness of monocracy and military rule.
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Democracies and Progress
American style liberal democracy is something that is admired by citizens from nations all over the world. There are no other nations that receive as many requests for citizenship like America. It is because people from all over the world realize that their families are more likely to thrive and overcome problems in a society that prizes hard work.
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Pluralists Democracies
He is recognized for his pro-market policies which are in contrast with the more collectivist policies that are previously espoused (Jones 2004). I agree that the Labor Party should be given attention to any economy since human capital is essential both in developed an developing countries yet the interest of other sector in the society should also be taken into consideration when making national policies.
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If all countries were democracies, there would still be war
Also, nations with nondemocratic political systems have been shown to have more social inequities and human rights abuses and more likely to be involved in conflicts making it as unlikely choice for a political system. The impression that many people have regarding democratic governments is that they are more diplomatic and therefore less prone to wage war.
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What is the role of corporate interests in modern democracies
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Compare and contrast parliamentary and congressional democracies
In the presidential structure of democracy, for example, the US, the executive and the legislature are independent of each other, although many executive actions are subject to review by the legislature. The difference between these two structures of democracy seems minute, but are they really so in practice?
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