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Modern Democracies - Research Paper Example

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Modern Democracies. Democracy, as the predominant political ideology, has been practiced since early 20th century and materialization of the democratic ideals became conspicuous since the World War II aftermath…
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Modern Democracies
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Download file to see previous pages This means, in communities that act by voting, that rule belongs to the majority, as no other method has been found for determining peaceably and legally what is to be deemed the will of a community which is not unanimous” (Bryce, and Bryce 20). Keeping in accord to this definition if the modern systems of governance are followed, mainly two types of approaches towards democracy can be found, namely: multi partisan and bipartisan. In a democratic system as the common people have the sole authority to select the government by their voting power, thus, depending on their political ideology, creed, and dependence on political system parties are formed and they aim at functioning as the representatives of common people in the context of conveying their requirements to the government. In a bipartisan political structure as that of the United States the nature of democracy is determined by two major parties. The incidents of fraud in election had a major role to play in leading the United States political scenario to adopt the bipartisan structure. ...
However, since mid 1980s several neo-liberal reforms were implemented quite in accordance with multi-ethnic, multi-lingual and multi-cultural demography of Brazil. The multi-cultural demography of the nation played one of the most important roles in the genesis of multi-partisan political structure and consequently provided the common people of the nation with freedom of choice so that urgent reforms can be introduced in different domains of the democratic existence within the Brazilian political context (Lemanski-Valente 89-90). Thesis Statement: The approach towards democracy in both bipartisan and multi-partisan system is to a great extent dependent on political culture of the respective nations. However, in respective system, approach towards democracy generates certain issues that will be focused with adequate attention on the structure of the United States of America (bipartisan) and Brazil (multi-partisan). The issues in approaching democracy from countries with bipartisan structure (such as the United States): The bipartisan structure of the United States received greatest challenge in late 1980s in approaching democracy once the Cold War was over. Ensuring democracy to the U.S. citizens became highly difficult during this time as the Cold War aftermath period was jeopardized by three major factors, namely wide spread of the liberal economic principles due to capitulation of the Soviet Union as well as of the communism; increasing economic interdependence among nations that was considered to be incompatible with traditional ideals of national sovereignty; and finally, the challenge over national sovereignty within the national itself due to negative impacts of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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