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He is commonly referred to as FDR. FDR was at the helm of the United States executive from 1933 to 1945. He is the 32nd leader of the United States (PBS). He was…
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Franklin Delano Roosevelt
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Franklin Delano Roosevelt In the United s political history, Franklin Delano Roosevelt is perceived with high regard and respect. He is commonly referred to as FDR. FDR was at the helm of the United States executive from 1933 to 1945. He is the 32nd leader of the United States (PBS). He was reelected four times into office an achievement not shared by any other head of State in the United States. Prior to his election into office, the United States was experiencing a bad economy as the world was at the brink of war. In addition, the United States had a bad immigration system as Mexicans lived in poor conditions (Polenberg 140). There were also looming strikes from small business owners and farmers (Polenberg 113).
He possessed exceptional political tactics as this is proven the the fact he was reelected in office for a record four times (PBS). His victories in politics were based on his abilities to relate to the needs of people as well as global requirements. As he campaigned, he knew the deficiency’s citizens were experiencing and he created speeches and promises aimed at addressing these needs. Additionally, he adapted a campaign song that became popular political rhythm in the United States. Happy Days Are Here Again was a signature FDR political song (PBS).
FDR had an objective of ensuring that the economy of the United States is revived. For this to be possible,he realized the need to change the way in which created laws (Brinkley 42). For instance, he created laws that increased the employment of women in government positions and offices as well as the military (Polenberg 95). In addition, the new employment laws led to the decrease of unemployment rates to 2%. FDR also created laws that governed the conduct of Wall Street, banks and the transport system (Brinkley 36). This greatly changed the United States economy as people became more productive. Other major creations by the congress under his leadership were the Social Security and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. In addition, he encouragedthe growth of liberty (Polenberg 116).
His approach to foreign affairs was also exceptional. At the time he was elected, the globe was at brink of warfare that threatened global peace. In Europe, Nazis Germans dominated as they denied the prevalence of democracy (Brinkley 84). China was also faced with invasion threats from Japanese. The United States shared great relationships with China as well as the United Kingdoms. FDR collaborated with Scotland, Wales and Great Britain to end the dominance of Nazis in Europe. FDR also influenced the creation for the first atomic bomb that was used to stop the Japanese invasion of China (Brinkley 84).
Franklin Delano Roosevelt is rated one of the top three influential heads of states in the U.S with Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. This proves the great works by the head of state to make the world a better place. It is an obvious assumption that FDR′s term as president was influential towards achieving global peace and democracy. He is also perceived as a significant agent of change to issues affecting the United States.
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