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Why Peace Processes Fail to End Violence - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Why Peace Processes Fail to End Violence" analyzes the efficiency of peace as a means of resolving problems and the failure of it to work in its application. It looks into the process of negotiation and the contribution by each role player in the process of the peace establishment. …
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Why Peace Processes Fail to End Violence
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Extract of sample "Why Peace Processes Fail to End Violence"

Download file to see previous pages The failure of talks among governments, societies, rebels, communities and other parties faced with conflict to come to consensus is discussed in the paper. Various examples of such instances have been given, and the challenges they face in the negotiation process outlined. Attempts and failure of dialogue in solving a conflict eliciting new beginning of the conflict have also been illustrated in this document. Factors hindering peace methods in curbing the conflicts have also been widely discussed. In various cases, both international and domestic, mediation has always failed; this is discussed with various relevant examples in the world. Most warring parties embark on physical confrontation as a means of solving the problem. Political and fiscal reforms will be noted to assist in decision-making during the negotiation process. This often results in the elimination of peace as a solution to the problem that resulted in war. This idea has been viewed from different angles in this document such that it is realized that peace often fails in the process of ending violence. The definition of peace may be varied, but, in this context, it can be summarized or explicated as the absence of hostilities or war. It can be attained by various applications depending on the context. Establishment of peace through peace method has proved inefficient in most cases thus termed to have failed in ending violence. This method is mostly applied through negotiations and settling of disputes through peacebuilding and peacekeeping. Political factors, in most cases, are the culprit of war thus making peace a difficult avenue to take in bringing things under control. The willingness of the warring parties to have a round table talk is a problem. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Why Peace Processes Fail to End Violence Research Paper.
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