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Aboriginal youth gangs - Term Paper Example

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Data suggest that gangs which are increasingly drawing frustrated youth into its wings are present in parts of East Asia which include China, Taiwan, Mongolia…
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Aboriginal youth gangs
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Extract of sample "Aboriginal youth gangs"

Download file to see previous pages ently so violent in nature, the manner of recruitment and the preventive programs taken up by civil society and governments alike to weed away impressionable youth from this menace.
Data shows that there are approximately 800-1000 aboriginal gangs operating in the Prairie Provinces in Canada. (Totten Mark, 2009) The regions of Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia also have a significant presence of aboriginal gangs. Most members of these gangs are below 17 with 22% of these being aborigines. (Totten Mark, 2008) Police statistics show that between 1992 and 2001, criminal activity in the Saskatchewan area showed a significant increase by 17%. (FSIN, 2003) The gangs currently operating in this region include Indian Posse and Redd Alert who in turn keep their chain of command active by supplying its members with regular supply of marijuana and cocaine. Redd Alertt traces its origins to an organized prison gang in Edmonton back in the 90’s. (Totten Mark, 2008).These gangs have now spread to other parts of Canada including Vancouver, Okanagan and Winnipeg.
Studies have shown that there is definitely a hierarchical structure to these gangs. There are smaller street gangs which indulge in spontaneous activity and acts of vandalism. These members are also recruited by the more organized higher criminal organization. The aboriginal gangs have however a fluid structure with no real core ideals except that the new recruit would have to prove his capabilities satisfactorily to the leader. (Totten Mark, 2008).The new gang member is judged and placed in the hierarchical structure based on the amount of cash he can bring or graver the degree of violence he can commit. The one who started the gang in most cases would be leader and would be assisted by his key associates on whom he has considerable trust. The gang has both the Hard-Core members and the Active members. (Totten Mark, 2008).While the hard-core members indulge in serious violent acts between rival gangs, the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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