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Why does Britain want Turkey in the EU - Essay Example

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Traditionally, Turkey has been considered as a significant country regarding its strategic position. The importance of Turkey in terms of geography could be assumed if observing its borders: To the west - Bulgaria Greece and the Mediterranean sea; To the east - Armenia and Iran; To the north - The black sea, Azerbaijan, and Georgia and To south - Syria, Iraq, Iran, and the Mediterranean sea…
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Why does Britain want Turkey in the EU
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Download file to see previous pages The acceptance of Turkey as a member state of EU is a difficult decision mostly because the risk involved is high. More specifically, the country has proved the last years that significant efforts are made towards the improvement of the social and political condition both in the internal and the external environment; however, the standards set by the EU have not been met still. In order to develop its economy in accordance with the Western standards, Turkey introduced a privatisation programme which ‘has included the sale of a number of key state assets.
As for UK, the possibly entrance of Turkey in EU could have significant benefits especially in the commercial sector. Possibly gains in political and military sectors could be also exist but only if the intervention of military in the country’s politics is limited.
The final decision belongs to European leaders who will formulate their decision in accordance with the completion of the terms set to Turkey regarding its entrance in the EU. In case that Turkey will not follow the guidelines of EU (as presented also through the paper of the Commission of the European Communities published in 2006, section 2 above) then its entrance in EU is very likely to be postponed again in the next enlargement. For reason Turkish investment in the UK is also growing,the support of UK towards the success of bid of Turkey for the membership should be expected to continue for quite a long.
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