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The Future Security of Britain - Essay Example

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It makes logical sense that Britain would tie itself closely to the US and align itself with US policy. There is the history and the similar legal systems. They speak the same language, which can not be said of the EU. They have a rich tradition and many cultural ties…
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The Future Security of Britain
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Download file to see previous pages This will benefit them in the European and global economy. However, their security will rest on the confidence they have in their relationship with the US. In return, the EU will continue to benefit from Britain's special, though politically expensive, relationship with the US.
The politically risky situation in Iraq, NATO's continued commitment to Afghanistan, and the changing threat of global terrorism have made it imperative that Britain, the EU, and the US act in concert against acts of terrorist aggression and reduce the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. This will require retooling the armed forces and developing new sophisticated technologies. The US must be willing to commit the resources and take the lead, whilst Britain must be prepared to share the burden and play a pivotal role. The EU needs to continue to expand its existing security forces and be prepared to meet the changing threats of the 21st century.
The European Union (EU) is defined as the current 15 member nations. Trade organisations are recognised by their common acronyms as well as State organisations. A weapon of mass destruction (WMD) is any weapon capable of inflicting massive human casualties with or without sustaining property damage. These can include, but not limited to, nuclear, biological, environmental, and electronic means. Terrorism is the threat of indiscriminate fear and destruction against a civilian population or unengaged forces.
The Scenario
The British Empire has seen a decline in domination in the recent decades. Once the ruler of the seas, the colonial empire has diminished. With the changing landscape of British holdings has come a new era of trade and economics. The recently formed European Union has a Gross Domestic Product that rivals the United States. Free trade agreements have offered the opportunity for a stabilised economic future.
The threats to Britain's security have undergone dramatic change. Britain finds itself in a position of requiring military security with minimal political risk. Britain's challenge is to engage the US in productive security arrangements without damaging regional political relationships. Iraq and the war on terror have placed a strain on these commitments. Britain has reached a crossroads where they must decide where it will place the future of its economics, politics, and military security.
Britain has for several decades promoted international trade through GATT, the WTO, and support for the Doha round of the WTO. When those talks have stalled, Britain has tended to side with the US against resistance by some of Britain's largest trading partners, most notably China and India. When Doha talks were suspended in July 2006, The US and the EU blamed each other for the collapse.1 However, Blair commented on his talks with Bush and insisted, "We both agreed we needed to make one final effort to re-energise the negotiation and I hope we can do so within the next few weeks".2
Britain has made a substantial commitment to the future and expansion of the European Union. On the subject of Enlargement, Blair has been very clear and states, "It would be a Europe confident enough to see enlargement not as a threat [...], but an extraordinary, historic opportunity to build a greater and more powerful ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Future Security of Britain Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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