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To what extent was there a 'step change' in Britain's relationship with the EU in 1997 - Essay Example

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The British government did not make a reasonable contribution by being committed and joining the single currency, though New Labor was committed despite the decreased chances of winning the referendum on entry to the euro1. In fact, the trust of British citizens on Tony Blair…
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To what extent was there a step change in Britains relationship with the EU in 1997
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Extract of sample "To what extent was there a 'step change' in Britain's relationship with the EU in 1997"

Download file to see previous pages ion assists nations in establishment of steady and flourishing democracies, and it reduces the chance of a country in Europe becoming a rouge state, by developing solid reconciliation between the conflicting parties in a country. Therefore, the paper will develop counter arguments to discuss the extent of “step change” in the relations of Britain with EU during the period between 1997 and 2005.
The “step change” initiative was characterized by Blair as a term refereeing to adaptation of the New Labor to a practical European policy. Moreover, there were other terms referring to the same initiative such as Blair’s active promotion of EU expansion; thus, this implies that the government became responsive to affairs concerning the European, thereby dealing with issues like Convention on the Future of Europe. In fact, aim was to arise, instead of leading though the initiatives of the government policy2. The government had international priorities and not European since the themes were running during the entire period, hence raising the concern of whether Britain was seeking eschew from the euro before 1997.
Europe segregated the British labor party for a period of sixty years, compared to the conservatives who offer support in the process of the integration, though the Prime Minister, Attlee was faced with opposition. Moreover, the history of Britain would be expunged after joining the Common Market, and the Labor Prime Minister Harold Wilson had pragmatic reasons for his willingness to absorb Britain since it had lost the role as a leader in the world and due to deterioration of its economy. Therefore, by 1960, the leadership of the party would have resolved their differences on Europe relating to the segments of labor ranks and files while there was hostility by the labor movement to the notion of membership to the community of capitalist, since there was fear of increasing rates of unemployment3.
In 1970, Britain took on a stance against the EU through ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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