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What is Democracy - Essay Example

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Democracy can be defined as the ability for people to influence and determine how they are governed by their government. …
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What is Democracy
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Download file to see previous pages By way of a constitution, or a set of regulations and guidelines formulated by the input of the citizens, a democracy can moderate what the government has a right to do when they govern. For example, that the government in power must allow the people the right to have an election every few years to choose whom they want to govern them.
Actively including others in the decision-making processes, by way of debate, discourse and other communications, establishes the social contract. Within a democracy it is the citizen’s responsibility to choose a government, and to participate in constitutional discussions, for example, by way of a referendum or voting. Although democracy aims primarily to include people, rather than exclude them, some ‘extreme’ groups tend to be ignored as to their participation. For example, the homeless, minority groups, the very poor, the disabled and the very elderly. These excluded groups are often paid lip service by the majority, who while aware of their plight, discriminated status, and lack of input, tend not to be interested in making the issues of the socially excluded a priority, as it does not serve the immediate interests of the majority.
By virtue of its inclusive principles, and the responsibilities placed on citizens to determine what comprises a constitution and government, a democracy can be considered a more favorable form of government.
The form of democracy first developed by the Ancient Greeks is not so very different to the present day democracy as exists in North America. Both forms of democracy required that the citizens had a right to vote, and that the balance of power of a government as a body was determined by citizens. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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...Teacher Democracy “Rule of and by the people” is the common definition given to the word democracy as “it comes from the Greek root words “demos” meaning people and “kratos” meaning power or rule”.. ( “Common root words”). The word “democracy” may categorically be considered a universal word just like the word “love” which is used in different contexts. To cite some examples, “Mussolini claimed that his Italian Facism is a realization of a “true democracy”; Nazis, speaking through Herr Goebbels, presented the National socialist state as the “most ennobled form of a modern democratic state and finally, not to forget Stalin announced that the Soviet Constitution of 1936 is...
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What is democracy

...? What is Democracy? A popular definition of democracy is government of the people, by the people, for the people. Elections are held periodically (usually every 4 or 5 years) that determine ministers who would take part in state’s operations. Every adult (usually above 18 years) has the right to vote and decide on the ministers who would actively represent their country. Even after election, there are checks and balances so that those who hold offices are kept on their toes. If people are not satisfied with the performance of a particular minister or party, they can show their dissent through petitions, marches, blogs, or other peaceful means. There are rooms for diverse opinions and multiple parties exist to represent different... ...
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...?Democracy The word ‘Democracy’ is derived from the two Greek words ‘Demos’ and ‘Kratos’ which mean ‘People’ and ‘Rule’ respectively. So, it can be described as the rule of the people. According to Sir John Seeley, democracy can be defined as “a government in which everyone has a share”. Lord Bryce states that democracy is “the form of government in which the ruling power is vested not in a particular class but in all the persons of a state”. Abraham Lincoln defined it as “democracy is the government of the people, by the people and for the people”. Carl Becker defined democracy as “a democratic form of government has always meant one in...
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...Democracy Democracy is a form of organization or management in which every person is en d to their view and opinion.With democracy every opinion raised is respected and not entitled to judgment. Democracy has different meanings to different people. In America, democracy comes from status Vivendi where the people are more superior to the government while in Russia democracy stems from the understanding that people identify with both the government and its sovereignty. In America, democracy helps the citizens constantly analyze the reaction of the government towards its people. In Russia, democracy...
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...INTRODUCTION Democracy, its many meanings Democracy means in different essence to many different peoples. To some democracy means reaching the age of eighteen years old. This is the time when children are accepted to the adult category in the American Society. At 18, the new adults can now do whatever they want to do. Now they can leave home and be independent. These new independents may apply for a job and do what they had long wanted to do and buy what they had wanted to buy because their parents forbade them not to do or buy before. Democracy can also be defined as the right to vote in any organization. The entire organization will then implement the...
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What is Democracy

...Running Head: DEMOCRACY Democracy Of The Institute] Democracy Democracy - Introduction The expression democracy designates a form of government where all the state's judgments are worked out openly or in some way by a greater part of its citizenry through a just voluntary procedure. When these issues are convened, the people can classify a government. This can be relevant to a large number of government systems as these perceptions exceed and often take place concurrently with other kinds. The government of the people, for the people, by the people is called democracy and such a state is called a democratic state. The thought of...
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... Introduction The limitations of democracy are common, but its benefits can be attained in the end. American legal system and laws are increasingly defective. Democracy principle bends towards the benefit of the wider society. Democracy’s inadequate skill is not detrimental, however, as the errors are correctable. Additionally, the society keep watch on their legislators actions and ensure that they do not deviate from the interest of the public. Legislator may lack skills, but they enable to pursue objective contrary to the majority. Discussion Democracy is crucial indivisible and universal key principle and values of the United States legal system. The US democracy is attributable to the unreservedly articulated public... will and...
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...DEMOCRACY The onset of the 18th century marked the beginning of the determination to be involved in the affairs of the government by the people. Started by the ancient Greeks, it was generally pointed out that politicians worked for themselves and did not think about other people when making a decision. Among the expected merits and therefore payoffs of democracy was that it establishes and protect the freedom of the people, in terms of individuality and as a nation. Democracy therefore gives the public a chance to participate as well as be represented in the political system. In this case, it has the interest of the minority, since the minority is free from discrimination due to their...
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What is Democracy

...Democracy Michelle Woolfrey POLS 1000 6.0 Gerald Kernerman Due Introduction Democracy is a system of governance where all people are equally represented. In the original concept of democracy practiced in ancient Greece, all people met and deliberated on issues that affected them. in the contemporary model, representation is the dominant model. People vote for leaders and these leaders represent their interests. There are many democratic principles that guide the direction of policies and the positions taken by the government. The effectiveness and suitability of these policies should be evaluated based on the fundamental democratic principles and take into account ethical consideration....
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...What is "democracy" to you? Is democracy simply a set of mechanisms to enable political rights for citizens, or does it comprise much more that this,including a specific philosophic outlook on life? What do you think about the state of democracy in America today? Democracy is one of the most interesting, prominent and individual mechanism that defines most Americans. It is clear that most Americans have a very misconstrued understanding of what really Democracy due to lack of information. For me, democracy is a very individualistic and ambitious goal. Democracy allows me to express my self-interest and pursue my own...
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