The Constitution With the Changing Needs and Realities of the People - Essay Example

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The paper describes the 1787 Constitution that does not violate the ideals of self-government and democracy that the American Revolution fought for. Instead, it balanced pure self-government with the reality of a social contract, where the people must trust their national government…
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The Constitution With the Changing Needs and Realities of the People
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Download file to see previous pages When Nationalists, soon named as Federalists, called for the revision of the Articles of Confederation, Anti-Federalists rose to challenge them. Anti-Federalists argued against a stronger and more energetic national government that Federalists pursued. Anti-Federalists argued that instead of expanding central government powers, these powers must be further controlled (51). They asserted that the people did not behave tyrannically, and instead, they only guaranteed American liberty (51). Anti-Federalists are wrong because the 1787 Constitution did not betray the American Revolution because it reflected changing American beliefs about self-governance and democracy, wherein democracy is not about civil freedoms of the majority alone, but the freedom to shape socio-economic and political affairs according to the changing needs, realities, and sentiments of their times. Before the argument is supported, the ideals of the American Revolution should be explained first, wherein it is fought because of the goal of self-governance, or self-determination with little interference from the Empire, or a central government. Benjamin Franklin answered the Members of the Parliament’s (MPs) question on how Americans felt three years before the Imperial government repealed the Stamp Act in 1776. Franklin stressed that before 1773, Americans greatly loved and respected their mother country; however, because of controls on colonial trade, ban on colonial money, and additional stamp taxes, Americans became dissatisfied with the latter. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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