Social Forces Shaping Curriculum Planning - Assignment Example

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Title Name of Students of Professor United States of America is a multi-cultural, multi-religious and a diverse country. Liberalism ruled in its culture that children and the nature of discipline seemed to be too limited by laws and policies that the young could have assumed too much individuation of morality and has become accustom to liberal practices, including their involvement in alcoholism, juvenile crimes, and in self-destructive behaviours…
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Social Forces Shaping Curriculum Planning
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"Social Forces Shaping Curriculum Planning"

Download file to see previous pages Educational institutions are supposed to there to nurture children of academic excellence as well as mould them to become highly motivated persons of good characters. The world demands that education should be fitted to transform every learner to become leaders and credible of human resource imbued with multi-disciplinary skills and deep understanding of moral values and traditions. The educational curriculum should therefore be designed by improving the universal values and traditions that are consistent to the quest for global peace and human solidary so that they, at an early age, can make or decided with moral choices and will grow to become conflict resolution managers in their respective fields and communities. There is also such need for educational institutions, to be sensitive to the children whose senses of values are gained from irresponsible parents and those whose limited access to education is also compounded with poor value system within the households. Added to these are social realities and forces that have strong influence in the advancement of educative process. Based on reports, the state has decreased the budget of $548 million for 40 states; the pre-K funding per child decreased in an unprecedented by $442 compared to $3,841 last year due to fiscal adjustments; only 15 states are able to maintain quality education; and there are more than 1.3 million learners that are covered under state-funded educational institutions. There is an apparent increase of enrolment too by 10,000 and thus an increase of learners that should be served. Hence, an expected stagnation and resource allocation problem is expected in state-supported institutions, including possible inability of the academe to meet its targeted benchmarks. But the educational institution, no matter how challenged, is always a product of social and economic life, legislative actions and policies, and even of contextual issues including the advancement of technology or the racial tensions. All of these are social forces influencing the educational system. But as these social forces are supposed to transcend beyond the sad condition of the educational system and to rise above the circumstances that influence learners’ knowledge acquisition, the education stakeholders should superimpose that curriculum for them to excel from such causality. The curriculum that must be developed should only be responsive to the needs of the corporate world but must also equipped them of knowledge and the universal values that are consistent to the dream of having a national resources that are brilliant, critical, skilled, resilient, culturally-aware, and responsive of sustaining a multicultural identity. As such, the curriculum must emphasize value formation aside from the usual academic courses on science, math, language, and communication. Value-based education uphold that philosophy on valuing self, people, and its environment by exploring all the ethical and moral theories that could be the foundation to improve the moral fiber of a child (Hawkes, 2013). Theories on human behaviours that could assist the young to learn what is right from wrong; moral and immoral; and to make them accountable in their life’s choices and the consequences thereof (Hawkes, 2013). Through this, they will be encouraged find leaders ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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