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Utopia in leadership and education - Essay Example

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We have all heard of words like quixotic, idealistic, imaginative etc. and Utopia refers to all such words. Utopia therefore is about an imaginary, ideal civilization or sciety. It could exist as a city or even a world. …
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Utopia in leadership and education
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Utopia in leadership and education

Download file to see previous pages... We have all heard of words like quixotic, idealistic, imaginative etc. and Utopia refers to all such words. Utopia therefore is about an imaginary, ideal civilization or sciety. It could exist as a city or even a world. Generally such a Utopia is more of a figment of imagination and does not really exist but it is something that is desired and may be regarded as possible in the future. So utopianism is about human efforts to create a better or perhaps perfect society. Fater on Philosophers like Plato and Aristotle also dwelled on the idea of Utopia and Utopianism. Plato gave his own idea of Plato's Republic, a perfect version of The Republic where ideals like equality prevail and perils like poverty and misery fail to exist. However, later certain elements in civilised societies like United States and Europe also worked to make religious and political Utopian scieties. Today the Utopia is something that ideally most people would like to see but hard to find in the real world.Organization can be seen as an attempt to create Utopia. As the word suggest, organization means a society, business or group working set up to achieve certain goals in an ordered and structured fashion. Most organizations in today's world also aspire to achieve perfect work environment so that all members of society including the organization can reap benefits. In order to establish a utopian or a perfect organization the role of leadership becomes critical. The leadership qualities can play an important part in a perfect view of the firm. The leaders need to have certain qualities in order to nurture a perfect organization.
Leadership breeds leadership: The task for the leadership is generally to provide its employees overall direction in order to effectively tap their true potential. In the absence of a proper direction the organizational culture may become counter productive. Providing direction in any way does not mean that managers can stifle the creativity and drive of their employees rather effective leadership allows others to inculcate in themselves superior leadership qualities and understanding of the organization and management process so that they them self can figure out the directions and actions which are needed to establish and flourish a Utopian organization. "The prime advantages of building leadership talent, besides eliminating the disadvantages of going outside, are twofold. First, the organization gets to groom the next generation in line with its culture and strategic agenda. Second, the organization has greater control over the supply of leaders with the requisite skills, making strategic implementation faster" (Pernick, 2001).
Character & Integrity: These two factors spring to mind when a role of leader is defined in a Utopian or Non-Utopian organization. Especially when we talk about Utopian organizations that strive for excellence then their leaders should command excellence. In order to accomplish excellence a leader must first be a person of good character. Many thinkers and proponents of Utopianism argue that much of a person's character is formed early in life and that also brings the role of education which will be discussed later in the paper. A person with strong character shows drive, vigor, strength of mind, self-control, resolve, and courage, the traits essential for effective leadership.
Dreamers & Visionaries: A leader of a Utopian organization needs to be a dreamer and an idealist. There are many worldly examples where our famous leaders have dreamt ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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