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Political Parties and Pressure Groups - Essay Example

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Democracy is often implemented as a form of government in which policy is decided by the preference of the real majority (as opposed to a partial or relative majority of the demos/citizens) in a decision-making process, usually elections or referenda, open to all or most citizens…
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Political Parties and Pressure Groups
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However, some state officials use this power to fulfill their personal interest. The destructive activities were made possible by the use beyond the power vested upon these government officials. This is the greatest problem of governing. It is apparent that the state is now operating for their own benefits and disregarding the rights of the society. A criminal activity such as corruption which is stealing the money of the society is very visible, where politicians openly ignore their responsibilities as well as their sworn statement towards the public. This practice exhibits gross parasitism, malfeasance and criminality.

While these practices were done by those government officials with whom the general public has elected, it has become a question as to why those criminal offences were committed by those "supposed to be" leaders. Are there other factors that greatly influence those practices Do these practices affect democracy Do these practices have any relation to political parties and pressure groups Are political parties and pressure groups a hindrance or an aid in democracy

According to Jack L. Davies (2001), political parties can be organized by anyone, can select their own membership and leadership any way they want, and can define any political positions that they want without consulting with anyone else. However, they do not represent any citizens, other than the members of the party itself. They must then present their candidates for election and political positions for approval by referenda as appropriate before their political agenda has any real relevance.
Political parties are groups or organizations which aim for certain goals and have their own political ideologies and policies. They seek to attain political power in the government by electing a leader and running in the election in order for these political ideologies and policies to be implemented.
Though political parties' aids in democracy by giving the general public a lot of choices of what political party will best serve the nation, political parties have also its own strengths and weaknesses.
The bright side of political parties, aside from giving the general public a lot of choices, by free and open competition, is also, as stated by Kenneth Wollack, President of National Democratic Institute, (2005) in new democracies, governments, political parties and civil society are finding ways to work cooperatively to construct and consolidate their nascent democratic institutions.
Political parties train political leaders and educate the general public by explaining and defending the government policies. They give the general public some points to ponder by pointing out the weaknesses of the governing party's policies and other party lists' policies at the same time promote their own course of action. These happen during the election campaigns.
During election campaigns, these political parties serve as a channel for the general public and the government as well repair damage roads and do other things that the government has recently failed to do that will give benefit to the general public.
Political parties have also its own disadvantages. First is, the political leaders who ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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