Juvenile Crime and Violence in Schools - Essay Example

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There seem to be a number of different causes for this violence to have exponentially increased with the passage of time. One of the reasons is that these American high…
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Juvenile Crime and Violence in Schools
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Download file to see previous pages The society suffers on this count nonetheless. The discriminatory policies have been brought to the fore with the ever-increasing firing and sniping cases within these schools and colleges of late. The discrimination basically stems from the fact that teachers and fellow students have shown differential treatment towards the students who hail from world’s varied regions and continents. Then there is the important element of not meeting up to the financial basis of these schools and college and hence the pressure exerted on the students takes it toll in a very negative fashion. This paper takes a keen look at the ways and means through which juvenile crime and violence has been propagated in schools and colleges and discerns the ways and means through which this could be brought to an end.
The juvenile crimes and violence within schools and colleges has increased because students have felt frustrated on most of the occasions. They opine that injustice is meted upon them and that they do not feel like a part of the usual school and college realms. The students who receive bad grades and who consistently fail within the school’s educational domains are thus the recipients of such injustice. They eventually succumb to pressure which is exerted upon them by the school authorities. They vent their feelings by being violent, give into the crime angle and thus make their destinies go all wrong. The perspective changes in essence and their thinking mechanisms start to change for the worse. One more aspect that comes to the fore here is that of looking trendy and different on the part of the students. They want to manifest their violent basis and thus need more control over the fellow students in these schools and colleges. What this suggests is the fact that the authorities within the helm of affairs have failed in their efforts to curb the violent regimes in place within these schools and colleges ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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