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Juvenliles Committing Violent Crimes - Research Paper Example

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Juveniles Committing Violent Crimes Name: Institution: Juveniles Committing Violent Crimes Abstract Any crime committed by a person under the age of 18 is considered to be a juvenile crime. This is so according to law enforcement agencies. According to some research carried out in different countries, most reported cases of juvenile crimes are against other juvenile delinquents…
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Juvenliles Committing Violent Crimes
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Download file to see previous pages In most jurisdictions this means they cannot be tried as adults and put in jail. However, in other areas, new laws indicate that they can be prosecuted and executed for the crimes they commit (Diane Publishing Company, 1997). As times change, under age offenders have to pay the price for the crimes they commit. In some instances the punishment is very harsh. This essay will give a summary of juveniles committing violent crimes and how the youths end up in prisons. Introduction A juvenile is a minor who has committed criminal offences either against the state or other individuals. The crimes committed by juveniles are real menace to society. Juveniles are held responsible for the crimes they might have committed in a juvenile court. During the recent past, juveniles have been getting away with light sentences over the crimes they have committed. However, recently they are being tried and persecuted as adult criminals who have broken the law. It is assumed that if they are old enough to commit some crimes, then they are liable to face the law as any other party doing a crime. The rise in violent crimes has seen them being executed since the magnitude of these crimes is heavy. These crimes are mostly done to their peers or other juveniles (Diane Publishing Company, 1997). ...
It is quite clear that minors who commit serious crimes, for example, a murder, do not fully understand the value of life. They often think that since they are minors, the punishment against them will be light. This, as earlier seen, is not always the case nowadays. Juveniles are often given lighter sentences since they are not held eligible for punishment that is accorded to their adult counterparts. Gone are the days where this would be true. A number of juveniles are facing the death sentence due to crimes they committed in their teens (Cassel & Bernstein, 2007). According to some law enforcement agencies, violent crimes include: aggravated assault, rape, robbery and homicide. Juveniles committing or thinking of committing a crime will have to think twice because of the possibility of harsh sentences that can be imposed on them. Juveniles are now being given death sentences due to the violent crimes they commit. This has led to a sharp decrease in crimes like murders being committed by juveniles. It can be assumed that they are afraid of the consequences once they are caught (Cassel & Bernstein, 2007). The homicide cases that involve minors have also recorded a significant decrease due to this. It is sometimes assumed that all those involved in crimes as minors are as a result of broken homes, abusive parents and difficult childhoods. This assumption may bear some truth in it. These are the factors that come into play that need to be focused on when thinking of prosecuting a juvenile (Diane Publishing Company, 1997). The fact that juveniles have to grow up with survival instincts they might have picked while growing up end up being the cause of their troubles. This is because they ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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