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The South East Plan - Essay Example

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The Regional Planning document that will be considered is the South East Plan submitted to the government during the month of March in the year 2006. The Final draft to this document will be submitted two years after the document that will be studied in the latter portions of the essay…
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The South East Plan
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Download file to see previous pages From the discussion it is clear that the main issue of concern within the plan is affordable housing. Affordable housing can be defined as the provision of housing through the use of a subsidy obtained from local authorities such that rent will be considerably lower than prevailing market prices. The plan suggests that number and quality of affordable houses should be increased.

This essay stresses that the main reason is that there are a number of homeless households in the South East Region. These households need to be catered for in the housing plan. Statistics from the Regional Housing Strategy show that 4.5% of households in the region belong to this category and together they represent a whooping 11% of all the homeless households in England. These facts necessitate a need for immediate action to be taken and this is why housing is relevant as an issue in the plan. Housing also needs to be addressed as a main issue because there is a serious need for affordability in this area. Renting and purchasing houses in South East is too expensive; the area is the second most expensive place to rent in England. This poses a serious problem to development in the region because people find themselves living in distant houses. This means that most of their time is spent while commuting. Commuting brings about more carbon wastes, thus contributing to poor air quality and pollution in general. In addition, commuting causes a waste of time and resources that could otherwise have been directed to more productive issues. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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