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Research and prepare a report about how the application of gravitational concepts has helped astronomers - Essay Example

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Gravity is the universe force of attraction that pulls all objects towards the center of the earth, and whose strength depends on the mass of the object and the distance of the object from the earth’s surface. Astronomers depend heavily on the gravitation concepts in their…
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Research and prepare a report about how the application of gravitational concepts has helped astronomers
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"Research and prepare a report about how the application of gravitational concepts has helped astronomers"

Download file to see previous pages and even how to calculate the mass of the sun without travelling to them but through application of gravitational laws (Topper, 2012).They have discovered gravitation lensing and even determined the mass of galaxies. More to this is the discovery of Massive Compact Hallo Objects (MACHOs), primarily recognized as brown dwarf stars while some are regarded as black holes (Kyle, 2010). These and others are examples of discoveries that the astronomers have aided by the application of the gravitational concepts.
Through gravitational concepts, astronomers have been able to discover the cosmic microwaves whereby in 2002, a team led by Dr. Kovac discovered the polarization of these microwave radiations (Kyle, 2010). Gravitational waves that are produced as a result of moving masses like those of stars or black holes normally described as ‘ripples in space-time’ have been discovered by the astronomers by the use of interferometers which detects these slight changes in space-time (Topper, 2012). Understanding the gravitational waves has helped the astronomers in explaining certain events such as the birth of black holes and the death of stars. They can therefore be able to tell how the universe began as well as what the future holds for us. This has been aided by application of gravitation concepts by astronomers (Longair, 1986)
Gravitation lensing is another thing that astronomers have discovered as a result of understanding the gravitational concepts. This is bending of the light rays by a mass object extending far in the sky, which causes these light rays to be focused somewhere else through its gravitational field (Morison, 2008). According to the research done, the greater the quantity of the body, the sturdier the gravitational field created and thus the greater the bending of these light rays will be. Lensing has been useful in verifying the existence of dark matter which is the determinant of how clusters and galaxies form and develop.
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