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The Life and Death of Stars (Astronomy) - PowerPoint Presentation Example

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The age, distribution and composition of stars, create a pattern of growth and development of that galaxy. The field of astronomy is based on the birth,…
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The Life and Death of Stars (Astronomy)
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The Life and Death of Stars (Astronomy)

Download file to see previous pages... Most prominent stars were grouped together and brightest of them all were given names. The grouping of stars also helped the astronomy to track motion and positions of other heavenly bodies .It was by this tracking that an idea came up of creating calendars where their used the motion of sun against the background stars. The widely used calendar in the world, The Gregorian Calendar, Which was based on the angle of earth’s rotational axis and the sun.How was the star formed according to the astronomys? All stars are born from collapsing dust and cloud of gases which are concentrated at temperatures for a period of years. When the protostars settles down at an average temperatures to form a main sequence star. Most of it’s life the stars uses nuclear fusion which is generated through fusion of hydrogen atoms at the core of main sequence star. The reason behind ganging up of stars in pairs or multiple around the milk way maybe because of the spinning dust and clouds of collapsing dust causing a break up of two or three blobs.
During formation of a star not all gas and dust is used up, The remaining materials becomes planets, comets, asteroids or may remain as dust. For a star to be as big as the sun it requires 50 million years from the beginning of the collapse till adulthood,where else our sun will remain in that state for 10 billion years. The helium formed in the interiors by the reaction of hydrogen fuels provides pressure which keeps the stars from collapsing under its own weight and produces energy which keeps on shinning.
When the helium at the core of the star is nearly exhausted, allnatural occurring elements heavier than Hellium are formed via supernova nucleosynthesis or stellar nucleosynthesis. Supernova nucleosynthesis occurs when massive stars explode while stella nucleosynthesis occurs during their lifetimes. During the end lifetimesof the star there ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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