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However, accidents can occur, which can take a toll in human life. During recent years, choline accidents have really been accumulating. Chlorine is one of the most…
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A topic about any scienes
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Detrimental effects of Chlorine In the revolutionary world of research and development, testing has become a vital component in every aspect. However, accidents can occur, which can take a toll in human life. During recent years, choline accidents have really been accumulating. Chlorine is one of the most widely used industrial chemicals in the world today, with 13 million tons produced annually in the United States alone. Chlorine is very abundant element that can be found in Earth’s crust and oceans. It has several benefits such as purifying water supplies, treating sewage, sanitizing, creating drugs and making hygiene products. However in the recent decade, these accidents have almost doubled, which have alarmed scientists. Accidents in which chlorine has spilled in factories have also been unknowingly mixed with other chemicals. Undoubtedly, thousands of people have been in at risk for exposing to this reaction and have been evacuated to address the issue. The worst incident occurred in 2005, when the crash of 18 freight trains occurred, exposing chlorine gas to a whole community in which 9 people were killed and at least 1400 were exposed to this fatal combination. The worst part about chlorine gas is the fact that it even small exposures can cause choking and wheezing. In addition, it can burn the eyes, skin and throat. The gravity of this issue can be depicted here as Mary Anne Duncan, an epidemiologist at the federal Agency states, “Exposure to high levels of chlorine gas from a release can cause severe health effects, including death.” Researchers insist that these conditions lead to fatal heart disease and continue to rise at a shocking rate. Throughout history, Chlorine has been used to not only for killing purposes in war but also to infuse fear. The body has no control over the metabolic rate as an individual is exposed to it. The gloomy depiction painted here is exactly what occurs during these incidents. Chlorine had a high percentage with victims, 30.9 percent, second only to carbon monoxide, which had 41.7 percent with victims. Clearly, this is a threat that should be addressed.
From my perspective, this clearly seems to be an issue that must be approached from a very serious manner. This will continue to be a hazardous agenda on the minds of the several residents who can seriously develop tragic medical conditions. Since chlorine is lethal, the government should try to enact some laws for companies that can safely handle these type of sensitive chemicals. Additionally, all residents should be well-aware of the dangers of chlorine and must have an emergency plan in order to mitigate the risks. Hospitals should work with not only individuals but companies as well to discuss the dangers of chlorine. Furthermore, more research should be conducted in order to combat the effects of Chlorine. The industry experts must attempt to find another chemical that can replace Chlorine with fewer health risks. Moreover, how can companies take extra methods to prevent these incidents from occurring? These are all vital questions that one must take into account. The number of incidents that are reported are skewed because many incidents are not noted. Everyone needs to make a serious effort to report incidents so that proper data can be obtained from these accidents. Most injured individuals come back to work but are not restored to their “normal” healthy. Clearly, this is an issue that should be further investigated by all intermediaries.
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A Topic about Any Scienes Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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